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Winning the WSOP Circuit Ring Under Bizarre Conditions

September 6, 2022 in Home Blogs, Feature, Featured

Hi friends,

It`s been some time since I last blogged since I was busy travelling and went to Mexico after WSOP to chill for a few weeks.

In this blog, I want to talk about the WSOP Circuit Ring I won online on while in Las Vegas for the 2022 WSOP. It was one of the most bizarrely-amazing experiences that I ever had playing poker!

All of this happened around the end of the WSOP. The Closer event at the WSOP was going on, and I was simultaneously playing the WSOP Circuit online event on my phone.

I was on the event’s final table with a decent stack. Probably four out of eight players. But my stack was pretty decent compared to the second and third guys. At this point, I saw four or five people running, and one fell down, seeing as some people started laughing. I was trying to grasp the situation when suddenly, I saw hundreds of people running in my direction while shouting. When I heard someone say, “just some armed guy outside the room and trying to enter,” that was when everyone panicked. Everyone just started running in the same direction.

People just pushed others over, trying to escape. I just held onto my phone and left everything else. My bag had everything: my passport, my cash, and everything. I just left everything on the table because there was no time to pick things up. I started running, trying to get out of the cardroom. While all this commotion was on, I was still playing the circuit event, and poof, the WiFi signal suddenly dipped, and I started getting disconnected.

Somehow, I tried connecting to a different WiFi so I could keep playing the event’s final table because that really mattered a lot to me. Everyone dreams of getting a gold bracelet, but the circuit is the second-best thing you can win, if not the bracelet, right?

I was trying to stay focused in the middle of all this chaos. I was playing on the phone while standing in the back alley of the Valley’s Casino when I realized that things were safe. At this point, the event was down to the last three players. I played my best in the middle of all this mess.

And I finally got to ship that event, which gave me immense pleasure because it’s an achievement, right? I was in the middle of an apparent life-or-death situation. People play such events easily on their laptops from the comfort of their homes, and I played this while running, trying to save my life, and I probably got rewarded for it. It’s a bittersweet story – like I got rewarded for all the hassle I had to go through.

This was super traumatic for everyone. Muskan (Muskan Sethi), who was on my table as well, was taken aback by the incident, and when I met her, after like 30-40 minutes, she was out of her wits. She even tried to help someone who fell down during the unrest but to no avail due to the enormous crowd. I saw many people on my table and in the room who had bruised knees, broken ankles, or some other injury after coming back. A lot of people got injured because of the stampede.

When people were in shock and trauma because of the incident, I hardly felt anything at that moment because my adrenaline spiked after winning the WSOP Circuit ring. I honestly didn’t feel the gravity of this incident at that moment because I repeatedly tried to reconnect my phone to WiFi.

After all, WOSP required all the Circuit online event players to play only using the Nevada location, so I had to be on the WiFi to play that event. I tried to hide somewhere, even in a cupboard, trying to reconnect to the WiFi, as I kept getting timed out and again. Maybe my focus on trying to connect to the WiFi allowed me to stay aloof from the fact that there was a potential shooter outside the casino.

But as they say, all`s well that ends well. I am just happy that no one got seriously injured or worse, and I got to bring home a WSOP Circuit gold ring.

Recalling My Win in the Big 10 at Spartan & the Importance of Keeping a Steady Mind

February 23, 2019 in Uncategorized

Hello friends! I am back again with another blog, and I’d like to share my recent tournament victory in the inaugural Big 10 on The Spartan Poker. I would also like to share my thought process on how important it is to keep a steady head while playing.

A lot of people believe that poker players keep winning a lot of money but the fact is that there are downswings as well. Probably MTT’s have more variance as compared to cash games, to be honest. One has to keep his mind calm and play the game his A game during those times.

Your mindset is one of the most important things in poker because if you’re not in the right frame of mind, you are likely to miss the spots which are supposed to be taken, while playing your game.

I was primarily a cash game player but today I try to juggle between cash games and MTTs. I recently went to a cash game festival in Colombo.
It’s important to understand that cash game strategy is completely different from tournament strategies. The fact being, in cash game, you’re always allowed to drop out at any point of the game and you’re always playing deep for 100 big blinds so you never have any experience of playing short-stacked with as less as 20-30 BBs. But in tournaments, you have to master your short-stacked play along with deep-stacked game, because you’ll face many different spots where you’ll be having a short stack as well, in a tournament.

To be honest, there are no friends in poker. During the Big 10, there was this hand where I actually made my stack and it was against my best friend, Arjanveer Chadha. He opened from under the gun. Everyone folded. I defended my big blind with JTo. The flop came J T 7 r. I checked to see the flop. I check-raised with top two. He called my check-raise. The turn was the queen, which smashed the UTG range, so I decided to check on my turn, since with queen, there are a lot of hands which hit his range. So I checked, and he bet the turn and I just flatted the turn and the board plays out with the ten. I was pretty sure that I have the best hand, so I decided to open-jam. He called off with ace-king, yeah, he turned the nut-straight. Obviously it hurt me that it was my best friend against whom the hand happened, but yeah, that’s poker.

After this hand I had a decent stack, and was literally on a cruise boat. I maintained my chip lead right towards the late phase of the tournament. In fact, I was pretty much the chip leader throughout after that and I reached the final table second in chips.

On the final table, I knew I just had to avoid playing big pots against the chip leader and put pressure on the remaining players because they had huge ICM on them, so I played my best, and I avoided being cornered by the chip leader.

Finally when we reached heads-up, we had near even stacks. My opponent was playing pretty aggressive, he was trying to shove every hand so I had to change my strategy because when I was opening, he was just shoving every hand on me. So I started limping after that because I just didn’t want to give away my edge against him and just to play a flip against him. I played a few pots with him, and finally realized that my edge was in playing post-flop. I went to win a few pots from him and soon I had a two-to-one chip lead on him. One has to realize that not all opponents play the same so you’ll have to change your strategy against the opponent, as I did.

With this blog, I mainly want to underline the mental strength a poker player should have, to play and to win. A player may be winning a lot of tournaments. Me for instance, I play at least 20 tournaments a day. So even if I ship two tournaments it doesn’t mean that I’m making a lot of money. Poker players do face a lot of downswings, and while they do, winning a special tournament always makes one feel good, and believe in the game. You get a confidence boost, and this helps you play your A-game. The point is; a winner is a person who has control over his mind.

We call poker a mind sport and if we’re not at mental ease, you can’t play this game properly. You have to have a very healthy mind to play this game. So one should always try hard to keep his mental focus while playing, particularly tournaments that have much more variance as compared to cash games.
To the young poker players out there I’d say – if you see poker players winning tournaments every now and then, it’s because they’re playing with a very fresh mind. They’re trying to make the best of the situation possible and not get bogged down by factors like pressure. The key according to me is always play with a fresh mind.

Ashish Ahuja and Aditya Agarwal

Intervention – The Poker Wizard

November 19, 2019 in Uncategorized

Hello Friends, I am back with another blog. It’s been a while since I posted my latest updates, so I would like to share what’s going on in my Poker Life.

After a good World Series, I had a good few other live events as well – most notable among them was finishing 2nd in the High Roller in the DPT and finishing 6th in the IPC Main Event. We are back on the online felts, and yup, it feels good to be playing online for a bit now. There are lots of live options as well, but there is always a need to balance live and online. There are some excellent tournaments series that have been running, so I’m preferring to play these online series these days.

Plus, you need to keep improving your game as well. Playing live events, you tend to travel a lot, and you are not able to give yourself ample time to study. So this time playing online is also a good time for me to learn new things. The game is also evolving, so I have decided to devote my time to studying and playing online MTT’s.

Learning-wise, there are lots of new things that we are learning, and especially when we are learning from the best in the country, you get to learn the best poker in the world. I’m really thankful to Aditya Agarwal. I’ll be honest – there can be many good coaches, but you know what differentiates Aditya from others is probably his devotion towards his students. Whatever I may say for Adi is less because the passion he has for this sport and the dedication he puts in towards his students is impeccable. He is putting in lots and lots of hard work trying to incorporate study in every student’s life daily. I think no one in this country has more love for this game than Aditya Agarwal. I’ve had other coaches, I’ve seen other people, I’m not comparing them with Adi or something. It’s not that, but the only thing here I’m trying to say is, his love for the game is the best, it’s way beyond others, and everyone can see that now why it is so.

And it’s not just that he wants to keep adding to himself. He wants every student of his to be at par with him or even be better than him that would give him immense pleasure to see his students surpass him. He leaves nothing; he doesn’t leave anything undone to turn his student into a great player. He puts pressure on everyone; he wants everyone to be the best, to be honest. Yes, I’m thankful to him, and I think everyone, not just me, everyone in the PokerGuru group, is putting lots of effort towards studying, and you can see the results.

Hats off to my dear friend PokerGuru Ambassador Ashish Munot, he recently shipped the WPT Main event. My dear friend, someone I’ve known before PokerGuru, Ankit Wadhawan, has done splendidly as well. He has been on a winning spree making Final Tables on almost all the main events right now. Actually, it feels good when the young talent is also putting an effort, and I think the credit for everything goes to Mr. Aditya Agarwal. He makes a point that everyone does devote time to study every day.

I would also like to congratulate Maddy for winning WPT Deepstack event and Nadeem Basha being on a crazy consistency streak on online felts and finishing 3rd in the Millionaire. Congratulations to my friend Gokul Raj too for winning the Millionaire!

So I would love to end this blog by thanking Aditya Agarwal for being the best teacher in the world. He wants each and everyone to excel as much as possible in this field. I think everyone should incorporate study in their daily routine so that everyone can excel at this game. Online Poker and Live Poker are at high this point in India, and I’m pretty sure there are going to be lots and lots of tournaments coming up. So everyone best of luck and gear up and study well.

Let’s just compete and try to be the best in this game. Good luck everyone!

My Journey to board my Flight to TIPS could be a Bollywood Movie!!!!!

March 28, 2019 in News

Hello Friends, I am back with another blog. This time I would like to share my experience of a recent international trip I attended i.e. TIPS at Kings Casino in Rozvadov. It is the biggest European casino as it houses the biggest poker room in Europe. Needless to say it plays host to the WSOPE every year.

Recently I had convinced my dear friend and fellow #PokerGuruAmbassador Arjanveer Singh Chadha to join me for an international series which happened to be the TIPS Winter Edition. We had applied for the VISA on February 12 and normally it takes 3-4 days to process but our application took way longer than expected. We had to fly out from Delhi onMarch 1 but we didn’t get our passports till February 26.

I was concerned with the delay and decided to connect with Manish Goenka who was the organiser of the TIPS series. He suggested that I should go to the Czech embassy and just give them a reminder that they should release our passports even if they don’t want to give us Visas. I shared the information withArjanveer but he refused to go as. He thought that nobody would listen to us or help us with our plight. I tried hard to convince him to come with me but that didn’t work out.

So on February 27, I decided to travel to Delhi by myself to sort out the Visa issues. I requested the authorities to release my passport and had to wait for more than an hour but it was fruitful as they committed to release the passports by the same evening. They asked me to go to VFS office and collect the passports instead of getting it dispatched to Chandigarh. On 28th at 3 am I called Arjanveer and told him to pack his bags.

He said there was no time and there is no way in hell we can make it but I told him that ‘Bro I have played my part and convinced the embassy to release our passports. We are going to take this chance.

My brother accompanied us to Delhi just in case we didn’t get the Visas, we could drive back home to Chandigarh. We got the Visas on March 1 at 12 pm and we were so lucky that both of us had got the Visas and we were actually going to fly down to Rozvadov!

But there was another huge twist waiting for us. After we collected our passports and came back to the location we parked our car, it wasn’t there! It had all our laptops, suitcases, everything. We thought it was stolen and were in shock that after so hassle to get the Visas, now the car is gone! It was like someone throwing punches at us one at a time!

Then I thought that what if the car wasn’t stolen? What if it had simply been towed away? We called the police helpline and they told us that there is a police booth nearby and if our car was towed, then it would be there. It was a 5 minute walk and when we reached there, we saw our car. It felt like we had won against all odds and now could finally go to Rozvadov. Getting the Visas alone became an adrenaline fueled and amazing adventure!

Finally we boarded our flight and it felt like I was really out of all the run good just to get on the flight but I didn’t know that god had many more surprises in for me.

I reached Rozvadov on Friday and I had to play the Godfather event online on Sunday and to my surprise, it was epic. I started the tournament and lost a huge flip early on. From there I recovered and ended up winning the SNG and winning a seat to the WSOP main event. I can’t even express but it’s a dream come true. I was on the top of the world as there is nothing else that a poker player looks up to than playing the WSOP main event.

I would thank only and only, my mentor, my coach, my idol, my strength, my life probably – Aditya Agarwal who had helped me improve my game and had wrked tirelessly with me through day and night. He helped me continuously throughout the last 8 months to just strive for better. I can’t thank him enough and when I won the SNG, my eyes were filled with tears and I just couldn’t thank him enough. I was out of words and called him just to thank him for all the efforts.

After the SNG, I went to play the TIPS main event. It was a pretty big event and we managed to bag decent stack. Next day, on Day 2 i was very aggressive and managed to build up a good stack. During bubble, I lost around 60% stack where MP limps, cut off limps, button opens for 5x. I pick up acejack of hearts on the small blind and 3-bet pretty big. Both limpers fold and button decides to call. The flop came 872 with two hearts. We bet 1/3 of pot and button rips it in. I call and he flipped a pair and flush draw. We needed an ace or a jack or a heart to take down the pot and unluckily lost the hand and came back to being short stack.

Though I couldn’t do much and min cashed. Nevertheless, I was very happy. It felt like after all the trouble I went to just to get there, it may have been destiny!

The event was very well organised and up to the mark. I can undoubtedly say that Indian standards are not as high. This is one aspect where Indian casinos need to stand up and deliver better. It was just a massive difference from any of the events I have played in India.

The tournament area was phenomenal. They could easily accommodate 2000 people at one time. That is something remarkable. There aren’t any casinos in India which can even accommodate 500 players at one time.

The dealers were all excellently trained unlike here in India. The staff was very well equipped. Everything was on point there.

Another thing I would like to point out is that there is no dress code to enter casinos there. Unlike in India where if you are not formally dressed, you will not be allowed inside. There you can go in your shorts, slippers etc. Basically the point is that poker players have to grind for long sessions like 8-10 hours and you want to be comfortable for that long hours.

The relaxed atmosphere of the casino, excellent hospitality, and my win, all certainly helped convince me that all my effort to get to Rozvadoz were most certainly worth it!

My journey while chasing AOPS Leader board.

April 15, 2020 in News

Hello friends, it’s been a while since I’ve updated you guys with my recent activity on and off the felts. Well as you all know we are fighting a common enemy “COVID – 19” and we are in a state of lock down so there ain’t much to discuss about my off felt activity. As a result of this lock down there ain’t much to do so we are doing what we love doing the most, yes playing online poker. Lately, I had given up on grinding the afternoon tournaments and was just focusing on daily flagships. But due to this Lock down all major sites are coming up with their series and have so many new tournaments to their schedule with big guarantees throughout the day. So, I decided to take this as a challenge and let’s grind full schedule of a 10 day online series being hosted on Adda52.

We had a good start to the series as we finished 2nd in “Godfather” daily flagship tournament of the day on the very first day of the series. I was fully pumped up with positivism with a great start to the series and couldn’t wait to play more. We had a crazy Sunday after that where we ended up winning two tournaments on adda that day. We shipped “Big Slick” and “11th hr PLO” that day and rising to top spot in leader board at the end of that day. Seeing myself at the top spot gave me full adrenaline rush to keep going for it.

Next major deep run came on Tuesday when we ended up winning the afternoon major of the day “Falcon” and final tabling the “6 max Holdem” Event same day. Running deep in almost every tournament gave us great confidence to keep marching forward. But as we all know it was a long grind and we had to balance everything out. I started over exerting and putting in way extra effort in to it. I was going crazy behind the leader board that I started neglecting my health completely. We were starting our grind at 1 pm every afternoon and ending our session around 5 in the morning. That’s 16 hours on non stop work everyday. I so badly wanted to stop at that point but I just couldn’t.

Despite everything, we kept putting in max effort we could and the results kept supporting us. Next deep run came on Friday when we finished 4th in “Holdem High Roller”. I remember when I finished the tournament it was 5:20 in the morning and we had to getup in next 6 hours for next day’s grind and we hadn’t hit bed yet. My mind was going crazy and I completely lost it there. That moment I realized that I’m screwing it up big time and neglecting my health and sleep completely. I went to bed at six in the morning and back to grinding within next 6 hours. Although chasing the leader board makes you put in your best effort but one ends up grinding 16-18 hours a day!!!!!!!! I was so over exerted because of the lengthy grinds and was left fully drained off the energy during last two days of series.

Finally, the series ended on sunday and we finished 2nd in leader board as we couldn’t put in our best effort during last 2 days. I know due to lock down there are lots of tournaments available these days and we are tempted to play everything but one should also focus towards their health too. Our body can function only to a extent and making it work for 16-18 hours a day is ruthless. I would request the sites to rather keep a schedule in such a way that the grind shouldn’t increase 12 hours a day so as to not effect the players health. I hope everyone can gain something out of my experience and not get lured in to playing excessive poker during lock down and focus on health too. Until next time.


The Insane Value Coaching Adds To Your Bottom Line

November 27, 2018 in News

Hello. I’m Ashish Ahuja and I’m glad to be writing on this forum after a long time. It’s been a bittersweet phase – online and live – but fun and full of thrills. And when I’m not on the felts, I’ve been studying, watching and ‘learning’ poker. Today, information resources and strategies about every aspect of the game are more accessible than ever, that helps improve knowledge and skills. While this is one of the best ways to continuously evolve, the most valuable way is poker-training. Coaching is so much more valuable than many of us would believe – I see this when recreational players rant over bad beats on a ‘perfectly played hand’. Who decides whether the hand was perfect?

To poker newbies, a poker coach is an accomplished poker player that dedicates time to teaching newer players the skills and their learnings that have made them successful in the sport. On poker forums, I see debates on the subject of coaching, so I wanted to share my experience and I believe I am also speaking for more of my poker friends.

A good coach identifies and teaches you how to fix your personal weaknesses, and also saves you from pricey mistakes at the table. Reviewing hand histories hit upon leaks and help you understand missed opportunities. Being trained by an established coach is a great opportunity for even the motivation that each of us requires sometimes, for me – being around people smarter than me drives me to improve. We’re here to be better players, and Aditya Agarwal a.k.a ‘Inter’, my coach, is not only an inspiration, but he also keeps me on track. Coaches have been through it before, they know where we’re coming from and they push us to get over anything that we believe we can’t cope with.

My experience with being coached is that they leave no stone unturned, provided they see you going the extra mile. It’s given me an edge over my counterparts, it’s improved my games making it more fun, understanding and accepting different ways of doing things and it’s made me love the sport so much more. It’s a powerful tool to invest in and you make the most of it only when you treat each session as a professional activity, learning from every situation.

So close – yet so far

August 5, 2019 in News

Hey guys, I am back with my latest blog. Its been a delightful summer for us and while I was working on a separate blog to encapsulate my first trip to Las Vegas for WSOP’s 50th anniversary, we made a good run in the Deltin Poker Tournament High Roller event, so let me recap this first.

Well, we had just got back to India after a two-month grind in Vegas, and it’s been a good start for us in Goa. We came for the Deltin Poker Tournament and finished runner up in the High Roller event.

We were able to bag 80K on Day 1. There was nothing much on Day 1, just a slow start. We chipped up a little bit and managed to bag 2X the starting stack on Day 1.

Day 2 was pretty crucial, my table was pretty soft, so there was a player at my table who had been playing cash game the whole night and was all zapped out because of lack of sleep. He didn’t read the chip count correct, and he had to forfeit his chips to play against us because he misclicked 3-bet and we had a big hand, and we jammed.

Worked in our favor as he miscounted the 5000 chip as the 500 chip, twice he did that, and we got a free lucky pass at the beginning of the Day 2. That helped us survive because we lost a huge pot later on but thanks to that few misclicks in the beginning and extra few chips, we were still in the tournament. We had chipped up to 150K, but we lost a huge pot against Rohit Tiwari and came down to 70K. But it was ok at that point of time as we had come down to the average stack which was fine.

We started chipping up again, and we won a pot with ace-queen, I didn’t see villain’s hand as the guy folded against us. I opened, he 3-bet, and I flatted. The flop came ace high, two diamonds. We had ace-queen with the queen of diamonds. The turn was another diamond, I checked, he checked back, and the river was a queen. We jam the river, and he folds so that was a substantial pot and we chipped up to 350K after that hand, and there was no looking back after that.

At the bubble time, we exploited the money bubble really hard, and from a stack of 350K, we moved up to 1 Million in a span of one and a half hours. I had many recreational players on my table so it was pretty easy. They were pretty tight towards the bubble because they wanted to min-cash, so that helped us to chip easily on the bubble. That’s where I made most of my stack.

We reached the final table placed third in chips. Having the chip leader on my exact left, Shawn Chatterton, handicapped us. I was constrained by him so just had to play out till the time the other short stacks busted. There were three short stacks on the table who began with less than 10 big blinds on the final table and yep, we managed to do that. We just played out quietly as much as we could because we were handcuffed in that situation given my bad position.

We reached heads up with almost the same chip stacks, and I won a decent pot size at the beginning itself to get the chip lead. But after that, I lost 90% of my chip stack in an Ace 9 vs Ace 9 preflop all in where Nikunj was able to get lucky after hitting his backdoor flush against us. We had the same hand, and it sucks to be losing to the same hand, but you can’t do much, that’s poker for you guys, pretty much.

I am still happy with the way I played, no regrets, and eventually, we lost the final hand. Nikunj shoved with 8 bigs holding ace nine, and we called off with king five, and we managed to clip a five on the flop, but he hit an ace on the river, so that was it.

I’ll take the runners up prize, that’s fine. Sometimes you give your best, but still you have to settle for the 2nd prize. That’s it for us. Until next time…

Cracking the Godfather With A Little Bit Of Luck & Loads of Mentorship

January 28, 2019 in News

Hi friends, my name is Ashish Ahuja. I have been playing poker professionally for almost five years now, but the last nine months at PokerGuru Staking have been amazing.

Though I have played on my own for many years but the next level game can only be reached with the help of a mentor. Self-studying is required, but the point is how would a newbie know studying what strategy is right for them? A mentor helps with that. A mentor helps in helps you with the right balance between play & study balance and also keeps a player updated about new strategies and happenings in poker.

For me that mentor was none other than Aditya Agarwal aka Intervention. My game has improved drastically since I have come under his mentorship. The magical run I have had on the online felts in the last few months, is all thanks to Adi. He is the main source of my strength in the game.

I have won several big online titles in the past couple of months, including Two Of A Kind last month and the Godfather on Adda52 this month. With Adi’s help I have effectively mastered how to transition from stack to stack, how to adapt my game according to the kind of stack I have, and this has been a major reason behind my recent success.

I’d like to share some of my hands from my victorious run at the Godfather. I was the shortest stack when I reached the final table and it feels amazing that I won it from that spot.

I was lucky enough to double up against Sumit Sapra early on. I had picked up aces and decided to shove for my last 12 big blinds. Sumit called with A9o. That was an easy win and I was happy since I wasn’t the shortest stack anymore.

Another key hand was when I eliminated Sumit. When under-the-gun (UTG) opened, button flatted, followed by Sumit who was in the small blind. I squeezed in from the big blind. UTG and Button folded. Sumit 4-bet jammed with KQo because he probably believed that I may be bluffing. But I had pocket queens and called his 4-bet shoved which knocked Sapra out of the game.

I caught another lucky break when play was down to the last three people. We all had similar stacks, but I was still the shortest. Button opened and I jammed with AJo from small blind. Abhishek Garg re-jammed from the big blind with QQ. But I was lucky to clip an ace on the flop was able to chip up through that hand.

In the heads-up against Andrea Fernandes, we were once again evenly matched in chips. I got myself into a bit a trouble when I almost bluffed my entire stack. My opponent opened and I flatted with 7c 9c. The flop came Jh 5h 5c. Both of us checked to see the turn 4c. I led out with two-thirds of the pot and my opponent called. The river came Js and I missed my flush draw. I decided to overbid the pot. My opponent called with ace high. I lost the pot and was left with 1:5 deficit in chips.

Left with only my last 10 big blinds, I shoved the next hand with a king high. My rival called with a Ace high and I got another lucky break clipping pair of 5’s on the river.. My stack increased to 20 big blinds and I was in position to play my natural game. From there on, I steadily started to rebuild my stack.

As the heads-up battle progressed, my opponent began to get a little irritated. He started shoving almost every hand. Once again, I picked up jacks and open jammed against my opponents J9cc. I crippled him to his last 5 big blinds.

He did manage to double up through me when he shoved with six high and clipped a six on the board. From then on it wasn’t long before the final showdown happened. On the final hand, he yet again shoved and I called with QTo. He had an ace high, but I clipped a ten on the flop and then again on the turn. He could not match up to my set and I won the title.

Like I said, it feels incredible to win and I am really thankful to PokerGuru Staking for all the support that they have given me. It is through PokerGuru that I have been able to receive Adi’s mentorship and that is the best gift that I have ever got in my poker life!

50th Anniversary WSOP!!!!!!!! It’s a Huge Marathon, Not a Sprint and I am Game!!!!!

May 4, 2019 in News

Hello friends, it’s that time of the year again when all the poker players will travel to the Mecca of the poker world and it’s going to be at the grand stage this time as it’s the 50th Anniversary of the WSOP.
It’s going to be my first WSOP this time and I have been working really hard on my game to prepare for the series and make sure I am well equipped to compete at the best level with the best players.
I haven’t been able to sleep in the few weeks, probably just because of the excitement I guess.
I have been trying to convert my deep runs into the big ones, trying to improve my game at the later stages of the tournaments. Every tournament counts. So I have been focusing on all the websites who are hosting promotions related to WSOP. The #LFG Vegas on 9stacks, I have been in the top of leaderboard for that.
I have been on a pretty good run at the 9stacks this past week. I’ve final tabled all four events I played and shipped half of them. These events on 9stacks help me win another package to Vegas.
As you can see, I have been trying to gear up completely for WSOP. That’s the only thing on my mind right now. Be it small or big, if it’s related to WSOP, I’m focusing on it. I plan to reach Vegas on May 27 and will be there for the whole summer.
It’s a huge marathon, it’s not a sprint. I need to focus on all the tournaments, it’s a two months grind.

I have made a plan to balance everything. I have figured all value tournaments that I will be playing and which ones I’ll skipping to take a break or relax. Breaks are essential in between. Plus we need to revise everything we learnt and study is a must as we will be competing with the best poker players.
I would like to thank PokerGuru Staking and Aditya Agarwal for all the support and time efforts they are putting for me. Adi is the best person to get advice from and how to go along for the events as he has been doing it for over a decade. He is the most experienced campaigner in the Indian contingent who is not just attending WSOP but is fetching great scores. His performance and ability to show results keeps improving and I look up to him.
I am thankful to god for providing me this brilliant opportunity as being a student of Adi, it has helped me understand each and every concept of the game very clearly and how to go with it.
PokerGuru Staking is like a family now. They help me in and out, be it poker or life. They give me great insights as to how to approach anything. We focus on not just our game but overall be a better person and I would like to thank Kartik Ved and Vikram Kumar for it.

It`s Great to See the Initiatives Being Taken to Showcase How Poker is a Game of Skill

July 31, 2020 in News

Hello guys, I’m back with another blog. It’s been a while since I last posted my periodic updates about the game. Finally, after all the big online series that have recently finished like the AOPS & IOPC, I would like to just give you some updates.

I would also like to update you that my two-year mentorship program under Aditya Agarwal has come to an end. I’m really grateful to Adi for all that he has done for me. My game has changed drastically, and I cannot thank him enough for what he’s done for me. Now that the two years have ended, sometimes you feel that you take things for granted. Time just flies by, and now if I think it over, this was the golden era in my poker career because I learned so many new things under the able guidance of Intervention. It just changed my world around.

Thanks to Adi, hopefully, now I will be able to continue my journey on my own, but still, I think there’s a void in my poker life now. The position that your mentor has in your life cannot be filled by anything else.

I would still give up anything to be under Intervention because no matter how much you may learn, there are certain things in life for which you need someone to show you the path. I’m trying to put effort on my own so that I can grow on my own, but there is no one else who can take Adi’s spot in my life.

Moving on, lately, there have been some really huge GTD events on Indian platforms and sites. The series on various sites have all been an enormous success. Pokerstars had INSCOOP in May, Adda52 had two tournament series back to back namely AOPS and APF having the entire month of June and half of July completely action-packed. Spartan’s IOPC was a huge success too, having some great tournaments for poker players. Next month will be PPL, so hopefully, Baazi will have some crazy guarantees for that as well.

The game has evolved a lot lately. I really want to express that we never thought that the game will change so much in such a short time. It is all due to the poker operators. They have made some marvelous efforts to improve the standing of poker in India.

Apart from the sites, there are things and initiatives taken by Indian poker players to prove that poker is not gambling, and it’s a game of skill. A lot of players have started their own streaming channels to promote the game. A big shout out to Jdsaz, Abhishek Goindi, and Sid Karia. They have been doing a good job lately showcasing the content.

A shoutout to PokerGuru. They have started a new show where they showcased everything they possibly could. They had a celebrity on the show, they called all the stakeholders of poker leagues in the country, and they have also showcased that poker is not just a male-dominated sport. PokerGuru has made its own efforts to showcase the game as well. It’s a skill game and not just gambling, and it could be played by anyone.

A big shoutout to all the female poker players out there. They have done great in the recent past, and I hope to see them, and other female poker players to do great things and prove that it’s not a male-dominated sport. Nikita Luther, Muskan Sethi, Minisha Lamba and Niharika Bindra are counted among the top female pro not just in India but globally and have inspired many young females to take up poker professionally like Kanchan Sharma, Deepanshi Tomar, Mahima walia Das, Ruchika Purohit, Radhika Shankar, Ashumi Parekh and many more.

That will be all for now. Good luck, everyone, and keep crushing!

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