Hold the Vision, Trust the Process

July 8, 2019 in Uncategorized

Hello Community,

I am Vishal Bajaj, and this is going to be my first blog & no doubt I am more nervous than excited. So it all started with a group of hostelites gambling with various card games, and then someone came up with poker, and the first instinct was like why is this game so complex but seriously didn’t take much time to get hooked up.

Engineering these days has become more of a passion finding place than a course. I see most of the students finding their interests here, which hardly has any relation to their particular course. And so did I as I finally got into the online wars. The thrill of MTTs lured me into starting with the lowest stakes, and I started grinding them daily. It didn’t take much time to realize that poker needed off-table work.

It started with a lot of basic books and then the Upswing Blogs (must read them if you are keen on improving), free video contents. I could see an improvement and growth almost every day as soon as I started putting more off table hours. This went on for some 6-7 months where no doubt there were a lot of upswings and downswings, but I was making good money at those stakes. Finally, there comes a time in every sports career where the growth feels stagnant, and this is precisely what I felt. This feeling of not improving started hampering my mindset, and I was waiting for some good opportunities, and one just landed on my lap!

GPL India, I believe, was the platform that helped me immensely in a short time. I made it to the GPL Pune team, and the perks that came with it was a lot of networking, non-stop poker sessions, and finally, the feeling of growth and improvement was back. I picked up a lot of paid courses, started studying, and started my daily juggle between grinding and studying (poker & engineering). Things started slowing down, and before long, that anxiety about growth and improvement was back.

Then came the second big opportunity ‘PokerGuru’ and being coached by ‘Intervention.’ Being a final year student, I had a ton of other commitments. But one sentence I read “This Batch will be Adi’s final batch for the next 2 years” forced me to drop everything else to grab this opportunity.

Life at PokerGuru has been very structured and disciplined. Moving up the stakes, especially with my own bankroll was tough due to the lack of confidence and self-belief. Being surrounded by so many like-minded individuals who share the same goals as you obviously gives you a head start and a Boost. There’s always a feeling of growth and improvement being in contact with them. Sessions from Adi are fun, you get to learn strategies and concepts which are beyond your own reach. Going through the HH of the best crushers in the country helps you tons with your game 🙂

The aim, for now, is to be consistent and have a stable mindset. “Change is the only constant.”So I intend to keep studying and improving!

Gl to everyone!!