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Poker travel – Part 2

Posted by Arjanveer Singh on 2019-03-20 at 7:45 AM

Hey guys, i’m back with the second part of my blog. I have completed my trip and wanted to share how it all went through. I finally managed to get a couple of live cashes under my belt. I came 55th in a field of 1455 in the TIPS main event for 1500 €. I was elated with that as it was my first official live mtt cash. Yes, that’s right , I finally got that monkey off my back after bricking maybe 9-10 live mtt series in Goa.

I wanted to talk about the difference in the fields I came across over there. Whenever I sat on a table there would be maybe 1 or 2 decent players on the table. Rest would comprise of just recreational players who were there just to have some fun. They would start slowly and as the blind levels kept increasing they start to chat up quite a bit and it was fun sitting and listening to them. Most of them would order a beer and chill for the rest of the day. I hate it when people on a poker table just wear headphones and cover their face with their hoodie/cap/shades. So, playing over there was a really refreshing and enjoyable time for me personally. Also, you cant get such big fields in India. Its just not possible.

The poker room over there was just crazy. There must be around 150-170 tables just in the mtt poker arena. Cash games tables were separate. It is probably the biggest poker room in Europe and home to the famous WSOPE. I would love to recommend people to attend that and not just be thinking of WSOP in Vegas. They even host televised high stakes cash games from time to time.

Moving back to my cashing the main. As soon as I busted I got a position card from the floorman ,which i took to the cashier and got my money instantly like in online mtts. There was no waiting whatsoever. Absolutely no hassle and no fuss. Everything is so well structured and organised. I didn’t even feel bad for not going deeper. But, I knew that from now on Goa is out for me. Not worth it at all (well maybe just WPT :P).

After the main I was supposed to go somewhere else and enjoy the vacation for a while but we saw that there was an event going on with 100k € gtd and there was going to be a big overlay. So, I couldn’t stop myself and decided to play the event instead. As luck would have it, I ran deep in that event too and secured my second live cash (12th for 1100 €). Was a little disappointed that I missed the FT but was a superb experience overall.

In the end i’d like to thank my great friend and fellow Pokerguru ambassador Ashish Ahuja to convince me to go on this trip. He had to push me quite a bit as I was quite stubborn and hellbent on not going for live events. Also, a big thanks to Manish Goenka who helped quite a bit in organizing everything for us to be able to go on time. Looking forward to the next edition.

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Arjanveer Singh

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