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PokerGuru Tour Trip

Posted by Abhishek Kedia on 2012-01-09 at 12:00 AM

I absolutely love the way PokerGuru has come up with the satellite structures for their Season 2. 1k buy ins for the 5k events and 2.5k buy in for the 25k event give maximum value for money. I have heard quite a few of the PokerGuru pros play the satellites so it will give small time players like me the opportunity to play with the pros. I have already booked my train tickets for the event and Im searching for hotels in the vicinity of the Casino, so that I can save money on the taxi fare. I have set myself a limit of 10k for the whole trip which would include the first 3 satellites buy ins. Im really running on a shoestring budget here so it is going to be a very dry Goa trip unless I can make a cash at one of the events. With the low buy ins I think I can expect a very solid turn out at least for the satellites. I as an engineering student want to thank PokerGuru for placing their tournament such that it starts one day after the GATE exam so it would make a trip possible for me. I dont have much live experience but am looking and seem to have found a game that suits my pockets in a very far off place. Hopefully come Feb 9th I will at least be competent enough to make a deep run at one of the satellites and give myself a shot at winning some money.

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Abhishek Kedia

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