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Posted by Krishna Ravishankar on 2013-01-28 at 12:00 AM

I told Adi i would contribute as much as possible to PokerGuru by blogging and forum posting regularly and i feel ashamed to note that i havnt followed through.. Isnt it the least we can do for the kickass world class coaching we get? The plan is definitely to get some thoughts down more often and maybe even do some content writing for pg.. lets see how things pan out though..
Moving on..

eventhough blogging hasnt been regular, something i have been regular with has been playing poker at Prann and KC’s game!! Prann has done a great job getting new players and keeping the game running regularly..A lot of fishy unclejis, first timers etc make it a very juicy game. Games are 100-100 5k upto 100-200 20k and run everyday, so if you’re in Delhi, do drop by.

There’s one particular hand i want to talk about here and it happened when the game had gotten pretty deep.
Blinds at 100-200, avg stack was around 250bb .

Samoh was seated to my right and to his right was Rishabh, his Cash Game coach and backer. (good luck to me.. right?) Rishabh left his seat for KC but stuck around for a while.. The Unclejis had been drinking and the game was loose AND i was running hotter than the sun. Samoh had bought in for 30k and KC announced “aadhi peti”(50k) .. i on the other hand had run 10k up to around 80k and thats where things stood when the hand happened.
i was the button, samoh was cutoff and kc was hijack. 1 limper to kc who limped aswell.. folded to me.. i make std button raise to 2000 with QTo. sb, bb and limper fold to kc who calls. heads up to the flop which was

[B]Flop[/B] : Qh 9h 9x
KC leads for 5kish …I call..his opening range is wide here

[B]Turn:[/B] 5x (brick)
KC leads out 8k …again he could be continuing to bet his air here but starting to suspect he has a 9 here since he limp-called pre.. the thing with KC is, you cant put him on a polarized range here.. knowing him, he could well pull this move with a Q or a draw.. But before the hand we were having a discussion on “what percentage of our bankroll would we be willing to flip for”.. samoh seemed shocked when i said i wouldnt mind flipping for 10% of my roll on a draw since my shove also gives me some fold equity etc etc.. KC went on to say he doesnt mind flipping for
50% of his roll! that got samoh and others calling him a degen etc etc.. maybe that was playing on his mind as a feel good factor and he wanted to show that he could bet lite?? Anyway…. i call

[B]River:[/B] 2h (flush completes)
KC snap bets 12k…..WHAT DO I DO!

there’s 30k in the pot with this bet and KC is like 20k behind.. now this card is actually good for me here..
[LIST]if he did have a 9, my jam on the river will scream “flush” since my calls on the flop and turn rep just that.

[/LIST][LIST]i dont give him credit for 95 92 since he called a preflop raise… 55 22 Q9 fit his range but improbable
[LIST]he is a LAGgy player and could do this with a draw ..he also has reason to play hyper aggro..but i dont give him credit for barrelling 2 streets on a fd.
so anyway… i tank Jam …im never ever jamming into an uncleji or a fish here..this is a spot i can only push into a thinking player.im hoping i have just about enough equity to get a fold from anything but the top of his range here. KC shows his cards to Samoh and throws his hands up in the air like he gives up. Samoh frowns and says ‘typical’. They both discuss my probable range and the consensus is that my range is consistent with a rivered flush or even a boat from the flop (since kc had been doing all the betting for me).
im quite shaky by now.. i just shoved 100bb into a 150bb pot!
kc asks me if i show when he folds..i say yes.

he folds T4hh face up!! i show my top pair:cool:
samoh influenced this hand in many ways eventhough he dint put a penny into it. first by the talk before the hand giving kc a mild ego boost (which is why he prolly played T4s pre) and by acting as a peer who approved the fold at the end.. without him maybe i was getting called..whoknows! but thanks samoh.

Fantastic work being done by Vinay in advocating poker in India. Vinay bhai if you’re reading this, i think you are on course to becoming the “dude” of Indian poker. If any of you guys havnt already joined the facebook group “poker players alliance” please do now!

Congrats to samoh on his 18th place finish at the Sunday milly and pb for a deep run in the 5.5..and it doesnt seem like a normal week when sahil dont FT summin.. so common sahil!
i really gotta start playin some tourneys online and boost that bankroll!

anyway.. gonna end this now and will prolly blog again tomo. bbye

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