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Republic Day, Weekend, Birthday, Sunday!

Posted by Dharamveer Singh on 2013-01-26 at 12:00 AM

Hi God

Just turned 23 the day before, obviously you know it, but you might not remember me as there were thousands other turning 23 too.

So, cutting long story short, would you please make me win all my flips on Sunday, that would be great Birthday gift. Thanks a ton for everything till now, but since you know Human Kind is greedy, So, I’ll just ask for more, nothing personal, it’s just in our nature:)

Hi Guys
Now, that my letter to God is Public, I wish the same for all of you too, a great Sunday (though God if you’re still reading, You have to prefer me over them, it was my birthday not theirs)

Exams over, an extended weekend, stoned out 2 days of parties, and now a famous IIM C-XL rivalry is under way, so much happening that I just prefer to play poker and sleep.

Bought Hold’em Manager, tweaking around it, trying to make sense out of numbers, or atleast be comfortable with them changing around every hand.!

Even watched 2 seasons of Suits all aired till now, Charismatic have to say! I like series when people play Poker, coming to poker in entertainment

disgRACE2 was obviously expected to be a totally crap movie, with cheap dialogues, cheap nonsense story, but even worse, they played Flush, and only Flush, it was so disappointing to see people raising and re-raising and then going all-in, in the tunes of 50 Million$ only on the basis of their 3 cards! Sigh! Seriously!

Happy Republic day bros! let’s keep the spirit up and just win big this week!


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Dharamveer Singh

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