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Restart, Refreshing and Excited

Posted by Arjun Parmar on 2012-08-27 at 12:00 AM

uuuuu huuuuu…. wat up guys? hows it going? Hope all the PG’iets doing well on the tables.

its been a while since i last blogged. Well didnt have much going on in poker on my side. Played a few live cash games and online and of course the PG OPL

I tried playing the Milestone thing on stars where i lost my roll. Was feeling extremely bad of doing so cuz i never played cash before online and when i did i lost it all. So no more cash games for me online. I’ll be reloading again and starting from scratch again and start grinding on MTT’s and SnG’s. Will try and make a schedule for the weekends when i have ample of time to grind and make my roll. At the moment i am just going through different videos listing to strategy podcasts on different topics and also going through the stuff that Adi and the PG pros have prepared for us with all their hard work. So ya just trying to improve and refresh my game.

The PG OPL was last night at 10pm like always on a Sunday. But it wasn’t like the previous PG OPL for me because i was major multi tasking at that time. I had the Tourney going on Adi was taking the PG MP session and i also had to attend a family dinner grrrr. But i did play a few hands and played em well. Yesterday there were new players on board which i didn’t see before on the PG OPL. So yeah because of the major multi tasking i couldn’t really concentrate well on the tourney and got out in 19Th. place. My fellow PG MP mate shawn (slammy jammy) shipped the tourney. Woot Woot for Shawn congrats bud.

Other than that the PG MP session which happened yesterday and before that were on post flop strategy which were helpful in many ways. Like Adi said “its very important to have all the plays and strats in our arsenal while playing poker so that we can use em properly depending on the situation and our opponent”

I am sure most of you guys have gone through the new PGT schedule for October.Its gonna be different, challenging and tough i have never played this structure before so i am really excited about it and hope to get some good deep runs and good results.

Thats all from me till then.Tc guys n be good, play well and keep working hard.

Cheers 🙂

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Arjun Parmar

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