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Saturday Speedway win and other blah blah :D

Posted by Aditya Sushant on 2011-12-04 at 12:00 AM


Managed to get a win and a decent score after so long. My 3rd biggest score online I think..its a funny thing actually…this tourney is only held every Saturday on Stars. Since its inception, I’ve always been kinda attracted to it. Its a turbo and has pretty good prize pools and prizes. In fact, just last Saturday, after I busted out of it, I was thinking about how I never manage to get anywhere in this tourney despite my preference for that. To that, I now say Hell Yea!! A W’s been kinda long due for me and to get a nice, juicy one just makes me sooo happy 😀

And now to recap what I’ve been upto since my last blog, I played the Aces Unlimited series first. Was playing good, even managed a 11th in the rebuy event where I got short stacked and got busted by Maddy. Had a zillion outs on the turn too but I guess it wasnt meant to be. Got real unlucky in the main event 2 where I had the nuts on the turn and got 4 outered on the river. Got slowrolled too tho I doubt villain realized he was(Dw, no hate Deepak!)

After Aces came the APT. The hype was pretty nice. Everyone seemed to be looking forward to it. Although, I was initially disappointed with the numbers, I guess it was to be expected due to timings and it being the 1st event. I did love how it was organised and the numbers did remain steady. The main event turnout was pretty sick..a shout out to my boy Samohhh btw for killing it in the main event. Total ownag3. He’s been making a lotta waves lately and the big fella even busted 10th in the APPT Macau main event in super brutal fashion which all of u must be knowing of by now. From wat I’ve heard, I prolly felt worse for him than he did for himself. Biggest bad beat that I personally know of. 1st was 2.5 Cr or something ridiculous. WP tho Sam, keep the heater on son!

I didnt have too great an APT stint though. Couple of deepish runs early on only to get short and busto. I did manage the awesome feat of winning all 3 of their mega satellites to the main event tho :p Oh and I did manage a 3rd in the 20k event which Tom Hall went on to win. That was pretty depressing too. Was really looking to take down another live event and was totally running over the tourney in the late stages and especially at the final table. Unfortunately, 3 handed, the blinds all of a sudden felt pretty steep and I shoved A3s on the button and got called by Tom’s 55 and lost. Congrats to Tom though. He played pretty well.

In other news, I’m not playing the IPC because I’ve been banned since its last edition by them for reasons I’m not sure I wanna cover..maybe later! Hence, sitting at home and playing online. But tell ya what..I couldn’t be any happier right now. GL to Samoh who’s in the last 15 of the main event(sicko). I’m gonna be heading Goa wards again – this time for THE PGT #2. Its gonna be pretty sick and a new 50k high rollers 6 max has been introduced. Super hyped as everyone is I’m pretty sure. All the guarantees are definitely gonna be broken and the prizes are gonna be sick sickk sickkk. See ya all there! Pz out peeps!

P.S. – Also a shout out to all the PokerGuru guys and others who went to Macau for the APPT…quite a few good, deep finishes. Well done guys!

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Aditya Sushant

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