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Sikkim and PGT is back

Posted by Aditya Agarwal on 2011-10-11 at 12:00 AM

Just arrived in Sikkim after a short 1 hr flight from Kol to Bagdogra and then not so short of a drive from Bagdogra to Sikkim , wasn’t as bad as I was dreading it would be, but it did take us close to 4 hrs. We are staying at the Mayfair Resort, which so far has been nothing short of breathtaking and I haven’t even seen it all. The weather is pretty nice too and the scenery is excellent. I am here to play some cash games (High roller poker room at Mayfair is having a cash game festival which started on the 7th and will go on till 17th) and check out the poker scene here, am really looking forward to the poker later in the night, seems everyone played till late afternoon today and are all sleeping before the session tonight. I plan on staying till the weekend atleast and play as much as possible, will post some of the big hands and my opinion on the Sikkim pokerroom whenever I can this week.

Since I got back from Goa, I have been playing some cash games in preparation for this trip, I haven’t really played much regular cash but I think I played OK during the 6 sessions, I put in before coming here. My 6 sessions went as follows, +87.5k -180k +170k -125k +42k +55k for 50kish profit, which isnt too bad considering most of the players knew me by reputation and had some idea of what to expect, where as I just assumed everyone on the table who I had not seen in Goa was bad, well all of them turned out pretty decent and some of them definitely surprised me with their knowledge of the game. Now I know how most of the regulars in the game play decently well and feel much more confident than I was when I first started,also kinda got used to 50k-1 lac swings in cpl hrs on regular basis, this is definitely going to help me a lot if I am going to continue playing cash. Lot of people have a tendency of playing their B or C or even D game after loosing one big pot on the table and this is something I want to avoid at all cost, no matter winning/loosing I want to pay my A game at all times. There are definitely some areas I need to work on and have long way to go before I can call myself a cash game player, but the game is pretty good and will probably play in it semi-regularly once I get back.

In other news we just announced the next PGT (rakefree with 100% payouts), which will be held in Casino Pride from December 8-11th. We are doing everything we did last time but bigger and better. We are introducing a 6 max 50,000 INR buyin, ANTES from the start event, which I am by far the most excited for. For all our other events we will be giving pure silver trophies to the winner, same as last time, but for the high roller event we have a special surprise for the winner. Again we will be catering to the players and giving the best value for their money and giving them an International tournament experience with regards to top heavy payouts and slower blind structure. Tickets can get expensive during December so I would suggest everyone plan ahead and book now to avoid high costs later. Also we will be making some HUGE announcements regarding PGT’s plan for next yr and PokerGuru site in coming weeks which I am sure all the PG members are gonna love to hear.

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Aditya Agarwal

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