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Sikkim Cash Game Action

Posted by Aditya Agarwal on 2011-10-14 at 12:00 AM

There is some epic high stakes cash game action going on Sikkim right now. I think there was around 1.2 Cr at the big-game table in play yesterday with most people on the table having played more than 24hrs and having avg stack around 10-12 lacs, the table has been running for 36 hrs straight and doesn’t seem like it will be breaking. Since there is just primarily one big cash game table running there is lot of demand for players to get into that game, but no one has been quitting their seat and lot of them are left waiting for the weekend when more players will be coming.

I managed to play the 25k buyin game the other night, there is so much demand for the 1 lac buyin game that it has been difficult to get the 25k table started, not many mid stakes players down here like me. The table played much bigger than a supposed 25k buyin game shud run, since ours was the 2nd table to start yesterday it got lot of the people waiting for the bigger game to jump in it. Most of them being high stakes players just wanted to play as big as possible and lot of pots at 200-500 were re straddled upto 2k. I didnt mind this at all since lot of them were just looking to donk around while they waited to get a seat in the bigger game and didnt care if they lost 1 lac or so in the process. Everyone bought in for minimum 50,000 (instead of the 25k) and soon everyone had topped upto 1 lac. The day before I had played for an hour when the table started (didnt last too long) and lost 50k which was w/e since the game was def playing much bigger that day as well. This time I was prepared to just grind it out and wait for good spots against some of the people just trying to get action going in every hand. I started of pretty bad and was stuck 1.5 lacs in no time, lost cpl big pots AKhh vs KK where I just flatted 3 bet in position and called one bet on 234 one heart flop and then checked it down, I lost pretty big pot with QKss vs J2ss on Ts 7s 5c board, where my buddy Raaka check raised got it on the flop against my shortish stack and clipped a 2 on the river for a 90k pot and finally lost 47hh vs j3hh on Ah Kh Jd 6h 5c board where my opponent led 3 streets into me from the bb (in a 4 way limped pot) and I just flatted him all 3 streets and lost half my stack. I was pretty rattled and was not liking life and was in for 2.5 lac buyin and had a stack of only 70k (-180k) this was my highest loosing point. I took a small break and went to the room with some frnds and composed myself, I thought I was playing well and hadn’t made any big mistakes and felt there was no reason to tilt. I came back and started hitting hands and was able to dbl with QKhh vs 79hh on a Qd Jh 6h flop, I called a 4k raise mutliway from the bb and check-raised Raaka’s 11k c-bet to 32k and called his 4 bet allin for 50-60k more, that was 2 lac+ pot and got me stack on semi deep table (most of us had around 2 lacs each infront). I also won a big hand when my AThh got there on Kd 5h 6h 7s 2h board and I was able to get pot size 110k value on the river. There was another big pot where I opened to 4k and got cpl callers, at this point Raaka was stuck a decent amount and decided to make it 15k on the btn, he definitely looked tilted to I decided to peel with 8Thh, unfortunately all the callers behind me folded (was expecting it to be multiway giving me more value for my hand) and we went to flop headsup. Flop came Ks 6h 4h and I check called 23k, turn was a Td and I check called 51k, river was blank and it seemed like he will be going allin for his remaining 130k but finally checked and my T was good to win the pot. The game was getting shorthanded and there wasnt much value left, I had already played a solid 6 hrs and was getting a bit tired as well and was definitely not too comfortable with my big stack at the table so I quit the game. I cashed out 5,83,000 from my buyin of 2.5 lacs for profit of 330k which is my biggest cash game day so far. I was pretty happy with how I played and how things worked out and with so many people coming this weekend am looking to play some more.

I will still do a review of the Sikkim poker-room, there are also some celebrities here to promote this event and was lucky enough to take some pictures with them, will be posting all that in my next blog.

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Aditya Agarwal

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