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small glimpses of hope

Posted by Olli Wirkkunen on 2012-06-26 at 12:00 AM

So last week was all grinding and re-reading all the stuff we have been going through in the mentorship program.
I have been putting a lot of time and work to identify and plug the leaks in my game, mostly by re-viewing my hand histories
and by making small experimental adjustments in my game. And it feels like it was well invested time and money.

I had two nice runs during the week, the first in 2.20$ 6-max 6K guarantee, where I did get a 2nd place against some 3500 field of players.
I wasn’t really expecting anything from this one until it was less then 100 players left.. I was doing a good job surving all the way
but couldn’t really find many good hands until at the endpart of this tourney.
No big surpriseson the final table, most of us opened quite wide and played aggressively, and the smallest stacks
wasn’t able to survive this constant bombardment from bigger stacks..

The second nice run was in a 22$ deepstack tourney. I think these deepstacks are a bit crazy, this one tournament took 9 hours for me to
finish in a 4th place, they take incredibly long time and people tend to play pretty tightish in these.
Anyways, I took control of my table quite early and played a lot of hands.. at around mid tournament I became chipleader and kept my position
for the rest of the tourney until I finished 4th after a few bad hands.
The final table in this tourney took just so long time. I think average stack was about 100BB on final table, and all of us had good stacks
so it became the longest and the most even final table I have ever seen, or experienced.

On Sunday I did finally find a little extra time to go and visit Royale for casino royale cup, and the 12K bounty.
I came late and had to take a late registration in the 3th level.
I was a little sadly surprised by the low number of entries only 21 but I played anyway and I did get some interesting hands right
in the beginning with for ex. A5s on a A56AA board among others.
I wasn’t there too long, I was moved to a different table and in the second hand Laveena raises from UTG and everybody folds to me,
I look at AKo and my stack with some 11BBs left. I push and laveena insta calls with 99 and kicks me out of this one..
I was a bit surprised that all the events in CR cup had quite low participation numbers compared to ther similar events.

Anyways, until next week. may the cards be with you


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Olli Wirkkunen

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