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  • Attreyee Khasnabis August 17, 2021

The latest addition to PokerGuru Staking, Deepankur Gupta, topped the Sunday charts after traversing a 1,797-entry field in Spartan Poker`s ₹1 Crore GTD The Millionaire ? for a whopping ₹17.76 Lakhs (cumulative)! Adding to his winning spree, he scored another 3️⃣ ITM finishes, netting ₹17.95 Lakhs ? overall!

After his hectic Sunday grind, we caught up with the PokerGuru Ambassador for a quick video ?️ conversation for his reactions on becoming the sixth PokerGuru Ambassador to take down The Millionaire title in 2021! Gupta talked to us about his landmark victory, poker journey, coaching at PokerGuru Staking, and future aspirations!

Deepankur Gupta
Deepankur Gupta

Equipped with a Bachelor’s of Science degree from the University of Warwick, UK, the 23-year-old Gurgaon resident is a Delhi Public School alumnus. Like so many other promising poker talents in the domestic circuit today, Gupta, too, turned to online poker during the pandemic. The up-and-coming crusher is grateful to pick up a Millionaire victory early on in his career.

In such a short period, Gupta is on the verge of crossing the ₹50 Lakhs? mark in lifetime winnings, with 90% of his scores coming this year! Interestingly, Gupta had chopped the IOPC Tuesday Prime on his first day at PokerGuru Staking on July 20, making his Millionaire win his ninth title victory this year! ?

Deepankur Gupta Total Profit Graph

In his own words, joining PokerGuru Staking was like a dream come true for Gupta, who was recommended to apply at the stable by none other than Laksh Pal Singh! Gupta also informed about how he ended up shipping The Mint on the day he was recording his session for his application for the stable!

Cut to two months later, Gupta got accepted in the stable and was ready to take on the next chapter of his poker life. About his stablemates, Gupta said, “They are all very supportive, they really help out whenever you’re stuck with a spot and the kind of conversations you get to have with these guys, it is just invaluable.”

Gupta was also all praises for his current mentor Laksh Pal Singh and said, “Being trained by one of the best players in the country, there is nothing better than that. His coaching is invaluable. It actually helped a lot yesterday since we did a lot of work on ICM.”

Talking about his aspirations, Gupta said, “Poker for me is a way of pursuing what you love and at the same time, become financially independent. It lets me travel ✈️ and meet amazing people, so I aspire to do this full-time and achieve financial freedom. The long-term goal is to get to the top, play the highest stakes and crush them.”

To conclude, Gupta, shed some words of wisdom and said, “It matters a lot how hard you want it. Many people say they want this, they want that, but they don’t think how bad. When you think about it, they can make up their mind about what you are willing to sacrifice to get there and how much effort or work you are willing to put in. So, think hard about how bad you want it and if you want it bad enough, go get it.”

More power to Gupta, and we hope he keeps crushing with consistency! ???

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