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Areyann Gurbaxani
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  • Attreyee Khasnabis March 8, 2022

This week’s Monday Motivation dose comes to us from the bright young lad Areyann Gurbaxani! All of 22, the poker player from Mumbai is already the proud recipient of a shinning NPS gold medal after winning PokerBaazi`s NPS#4 Sunday Marathon on Sunday for a career-best ₹6.79 Lakhs!

Gurbaxani first came across poker about five years ago, but he started playing the game more seriously only during the COVID-19 induced lockdown. While he had tasted some success playing the low-to-mid stakes tournaments, the turning point in his poker journey came when he joined Poker Boot Camp India, and there has been no looking back since!

Winning the NPS Sunday Marathon

While Gurbaxani had shipped several tournaments before, Sunday’s NPS title victory earned him his biggest payday and by a significant margin. Talking about the win, he said, “Feeling amazing. Actually, it didn’t sink in at night. Maybe it didn’t sink immediately when I won. I mean, I’ve been grinding all these months, and this was like another grind. You win a tournament, and then it strikes like, dude, this is NPS, this is the first featured tournament I won.”

Areyann Gurbaxani
Areyann Gurbaxani


Elaborating on his Sunday run, Gurbaxani added, “Honestly, I actually ran very good on Sunday. So, I don’t know like I remember a few of my friends from PBCI were railing me, and they were like, listen, bro, you had the chip lead throughout. So, I got a double up in the tournament’s second hand, and that’s like deep. That’s 250 big blind deep, and I got a double up. So, from there, I was like the third (in chips), and I don’t think I went below 10 (top 10 in chip counts) till I won the tournament. So, it was like for probably seven and a half hours, I was in the top-five. I think I played fine, but towards the end, in fact, I started getting a little derailed like I had to adjust a little bit, but yeah, otherwise, it was fine.”


Poker Journey

Like many others, Gurbaxani first came across poker in college. He started out playing with friends and home games and even dabbled in online tournaments on Spartan Poker in 2019. However, he did not start playing poker seriously until mid-2020.

Areyann Gurbaxani - Total Profit Graph
Areyann Gurbaxani`s MTT Profit Graph


“It started a couple of years ago. I started four or five years ago when I was playing with friends at a home game. Then I think we organized a tournament at a friend’s house for the first time, which I really enjoyed because tournaments have a thrill. Cash (games) you keep playing and playing. Tournaments there is something like, oh shit, he’s out now. He’s really gone. He was rooting for you. Like he’s hoping that you win, and now you’re out, and then you’re looking forward to him for the next tournament of this event. From there, I just enjoyed the tournament idea, and I think I gave Spartan (Poker) a shot in 2019. I tried a little bit. It didn’t work really well because I didn’t know bankroll management. So, I actually did pretty well at that stage. I was playing like ₹100 buy-ins. They had a tournament called Gutshot at 9:30 (PM) every day. It’s like the current Centurion. So, I came first in that, two days in a row for ₹28,000, but since I didn’t know bankroll management within five days, I had ₹3,000 left. So, stuff is going better now. I have a little more discipline in that sense, and it’s going well.”


Poker Boot Camp India: The Turning Point

Gurbaxani was very vocal about how his poker career has taken off after joining PBCI.

“I think joining PBCI for me changed it. I kind of started poker in September 2020. I started properly in April-May. I was just having fun because everything was locked down, and there was no option to go out. September, I tried starting it seriously with a small bankroll. I was playing an average buy-in of like ₹200, and it was going good. It was going good, but then I was just not moving ahead. I was stuck to the ₹500 buy-in level, not able to go even up to ₹1,100. ₹880 I would go once in a while like a much smaller stake. Then I joined PBCI, and in just three months of coaching, I moved up to almost ₹1,100 to ₹1,650 as well. Also, the community environment is great because you see everyone putting in the effort. You’re probably indirectly trying to show off. You know, it just works in your favor that you know everyone’s trying to perform. It just kind of motivates you. I think since last June, I’ve been with PBCI, and that’s been amazing. I started with a ₹1,100 cap, and it’s just going up and up.”

Areyann Gurbaxani with his PBCI mates
Areyann Gurbaxani with his PBCI friends


Experience Playing on PokerBaazi

As for his experience playing on PokerBaazi, Gurbaxani for all praises for the site, as he put it, “It’s been really good in fact. I really like the upgrade from last year. (Poker)Baazi has a very soft platform in the sense that it’s very good, like it does not have any laggy features. It’s not rough around the edge’s kind of thing. An effectively smooth platform that ways, so I’ll have to give them that. And obviously, the NPS they have it every year, and it’s like a huge series. So, good opportunity for all of us.”

Having already opened his NPS scorecard with a gold medal, we asked Girbaxani what his plans were for the remainder of the series. “It’s the same thing; I’m gonna grind the entire series. At least most of the tourneys, maybe not the Super Highrollers and stuff, but most of it, I’m gonna grind it. I will try to get a couple more medals if possible. Let’s see, I’ll keep the grind on no matter.”

Areyann Gurbaxani`s Grind Station
Areyann Gurbaxani`s Grind Station



Poker Streaming

Poker streaming is the latest fad and something Gurbaxani is no stranger to it. Even though he isn’t an active streamer, he has streamed for PBCI on several occasions. Sharing his streaming experience, he said, “So, actually, I am not a streamer exactly, but I know I did it for PBCI a couple of times, and I really enjoyed it. I have spoken to them about more opportunities, so hopefully, that will happen. But yeah, man, it’s a really fun experience. I really enjoy the fact because it’s like what happens is like for everyone it’s I’m trying to make better content. So when I’m playing better, it’s better content.”

“So, there are two things that happen. One is I automatically focus and play a little better for two reasons. I obviously need to give out better content that is useful to watch, and the second is when I’m talking to like a camera even though there’s no one behind like I can’t get a response. But it’s just like when I’m talking, and just like taking down the whole hand in my head, sometimes you notice things that you might have missed out watching. Then just like that, you end up playing a little better. So, for me, that really helps to stream.”


Poker Goals & Life Lessons Learned From the Game

Unlike other poker players, Gurbaxani believes in not setting goals. Instead, he prefers to enjoy the grind.

“I don’t like the idea of setting goals because it either leads to you breaking it and then you don’t care, or you don’t break it, and then you’re not affected by it. So, I prefer just enjoying every day as the grind comes. If I had to put it towards the goal, it would be just focusing on the grind.”

When talking about what playing poker has taught him, Gurbaxani shared some valuable advice.

“Not tilting. Not tilting at any single thing on this planet. Like shit out of your control happens always, and you can’t do anything about it. Sometimes it’s gonna hit you with luck and sometimes gonna hit you with crying days, and that’s fine.”

That’s some solid advice from an up-and-coming player, and we wish Areyann Girbaxani all the best for the remainder of the National Poker Series!

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