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  • Attreyee Khasnabis October 14, 2021

Making a splash in this Women in Poker feature is the vivacious and bubbly Arshia Mehta. The 29-year-old poker enthusiast is a New Delhi-based luxury florist with an unquenchable passion for poker. Mehta runs her own business, ‘Floral Street by Arshia Mehta,’ and recently opened a second store in Jaipur. In her spare time, she revels in the joys of poker.

“My work keeps me occupied most of the day. After that, when I come home, that is when I start grinding and playing poker,” says Mehta.

Arshia Mehta
Arshia Mehta

Talking about her poker journey, she says, “I used to be a casual Teen Patti player. I used to play in the casino or at Diwali parties. A friend of mine just put me on a table, and he said that it is very similar to Teen Patti, so you can play this. I had no knowledge. So, I was like, okay, let’s just start. At first, I was like, this is just so easy. I won like my first few games. Then, of course, I start losing. But I didn’t lose interest in the game. I thought there was something to this game that I was not able to see. This is not Teen Patti. I am just able to see it right now.”

Once she had got a taste of poker, she was hooked. Mehta ventured onto the virtual felts and kicked off her virtual poker journey with Adda52. Before long, she was introduced to poker coach Abhishek Goindi and joined his poker coaching program at Poker Bootcamp India. “Then I started playing ₹1 games on Adda52. I started practicing and watching some videos. And then a friend of mine gave me Abhishek Goindi’s number. My friend was like, this is your guy if you are really interested in the game. So, I connected with Goindi. My journey started from there, so it’s still fairly new.”

Sharing her experience of becoming a Boot Camper, she reveals, “When I joined PBCI, I was like I don’t know what is happening. It felt like school. I haven’t been to a camp in so long. But it is superb. It’s like a family. Everyone is so nice and welcoming. The coaches are brilliant. Even if you ask the stupidest questions, they don’t make you feel like you are dumb. They just have such an awesome answer for everything. Like the answer is technically right in front of you, and you just cannot see it. So, all they are trying to do is just show you a way where you get it. The players are so nice. Even if you post a question at 2 AM, people are like, ‘Bhai tu ye kar, ye mat kar.’ PBCI is probably one of the best decisions that I could have made.”

Even though poker is not her profession, it’s her passion, and she has realized how challenging the mind sport truly is. “With office, I cannot be grinding all day. Poker is not my profession. It’s my passion; it’s a passion I am still figuring out. I love it. I enjoy it. People often still see poker as gambling. But after joining Poker Bootcamp India, I realized it is so much more study than gambling. This question mark got into me, and then I realized what I wanted to do. I want to have like a schedule planned out.”

Talking about her grind routine, Mehta reveals, “I like to play the 8-9 PM tourneys. If it’s a Sunday or a day I have taken off work, I like playing the 3 PM afternoon games. Cause I am more focused in the day than I am at night. But I don’t really have a schedule. I just fit it in wherever I can, whenever I get time. But I do play every day.”

A shoutout to Arshia Mehta; we hope to see more of her both on the live and online felts!

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