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Women in Poker Divyanka
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  • Arpit Jain July 14, 2021

Gracing the cover of our #WomenInPoker feature today is Divyanka Chachad, the Digital Marketing Executive at BLITZPOKER. ?

Divyanka is part of a talented group of women poker professionals trying to make their mark in the male-dominated poker industry. ? After completing her advertising degree, Divyanka joined Mirraw Online Services as an email marketing executive, but she had to go job hunting once the pandemic struck. This was when an opportunity to work with #BLITZPOKER came up, and she grabbed it with open arms. ?

She joined the poker company, having never played the game before, but today she loves every aspect of her job. “I joined BLITZPOKER with no experience whatsoever in poker or any card game of that sort. I started playing poker, loved it, and I kept improving. I love that we are helping people get rich and richer. Another amazing thing is leveraged anonymity. People can play as whoever they want.”

BLITZPOKER (part of QuadNet Poker Network) launched operations in August last year, and since then, the online poker start-up has grown by leaps and bounds. BLITZPOKER is currently hosting India’s biggest-ever MTT series, #IOPCJULY2021 featuring a jaw-dropping ₹30 Crores in guaranteed prizes over 140 events.

Divyanka, in her role in digital marketing, plays a crucial part every time a new tournament is launched. As she says, “Whenever BLITZPOKER comes with a new tournament, it’s always an exciting and memorable experience to promote it with our thrilling players. But working for #FUTURISTIC, a #Covid-19 relief tournament, and making it successful was a great experience for me.”

One of the things that she appreciates working in the industry is the gender equality it provides. While she acknowledges that the percentage of women playing the game is less, but appreciates that the numbers are growing all the time.

Another thing that has been a breath of fresh air for her has been the respect women get in the poker industry. “The great thing I have noticed is the evolvement of gender roles. Women have actually started playing poker more and more. I haven’t faced any gender inequality, which I did experience in my past work life,” she informs.

She reflects that being part of the poker industry has also helped her evolve as a person while recognizing that the game is not about pure luck. Instead, it involves a lot of skill. “I love working in the poker industry because it has taught me to go all-in. Maria Kirloskar is my favorite poker player. I love her for her guts and impeccable poker skills. I want to excel as a professional in this evolving industry and help promote it as a mind sport in India.”

We hope Divyanka achieves all her goals in the industry, and her story inspires more women from other walks of life to join in making poker one of India’s fastest-growing sport.

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