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Women in Poker Donna Amo
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  • Arpit Jain July 22, 2021

Poker has been fast catching on as a popular sport among the masses in the country in recent years, and a significant force driving this wave is the online poker platforms with their enticing promotions and massive guaranteed tournaments. But credit also has to be given to the media platforms covering the game rigorously. In today’s Women in Poker, we feature 23-year-old Donna Amo, a content writer at Gutshot Magazine.

Born in Shillong, the Mizoram-based girl was brought up in Mumbai and has always been interested in long-form content writing.

Equipped with a Bachelors’s degree in literature from Sophia College in Mumbai, Donna has made significant strides in contributing and generating content for their platform in just six months working at Gutshot Magazine. Through this journey, she built a strong network among a lot of poker players.

“In my first job, what I used to do was handle the social media accounts for different brands, which was in terms of content, such as writing captions and stuff like that. I figured that it was not something that I wanted to do for the long term. I wanted to get into a bit more long-form content. So, that’s when I had decided to quit that job.”

Just when Donna had decided to take a leap to pursue her other interests and quit her job at a social media agency, the pandemic hit. Donna had to seek out new opportunities.

Ta-da! That’s when poker entered Donna’s life.

A colleague at her previous job introduced Donna to Gutshot Magazine. Though she self admits that she did not imagine working in the poker industry, her mind was blown once she understood the skill aspect of the game.

“This is my first time even being involved in anything of this sort. I am just in for the ride. I never even saw myself being remotely associated with poker or casinos. Since I, too, had the preconceived notion that this was bad. Something that I shouldn’t get into. So, I was like the last person to be involved in anything related to poker and any other card game. Then when I got into GutShot, I started researching and talking to players and writing about the sport. That is when I realized that it’s way different than what I had anticipated. That was when I was able to contribute to the industry more through my writing, which is why I am here today!”

Today, Donna has an extensive repertoire of work, including articles on poker, e-sports, gaming, and player interviews, all of which have been appreciated by the poker community.

Another skill that stands out is her video reels on Instagram that are not only unique but outright funny.

Talking about how surprised she was with the industry, she says, “I was caught unaware of how close-knit the poker community was, and witnessing it first-hand has been an experience I will always cherish.”

On the other hand, she adds, “Something that bogs me (a little) is the process of identifying and reaching out (begging) an anonymous player for a story.” (We can identify with this feeling)

When it comes to the players she looks up to, she picked the crowd’s favorite Young Gun Gaurav Sood.

“Gaurav is very friendly, and through the course of a casual conversation, I also figured they have quite a few things in common. I remember us discussing a few other games that we love, like Pokemon. Also, not to forget my mentor, Dwayne Fernandes, because of whom I found myself in this industry and has helped guide me through my poker journey.”

Being a poker journalist, one has to experience playing the game to better understand the mind sport. Donna has been making forays on the virtual felts to get a better hang of the game and its nuances like a true professional.

Apart from poker, what keeps her occupied are a few hobbies she holds close to her heart: baking, handcrafting jewelry, reading, singing, and cooking!

As for her aspirations, she says. “There is no concrete plan as such, but I am determined to be an excellent writer, and I always go with the belief that God is always watching over me and has got my back!”

Donna, who always carries a bright smile and has a positive outlook on life, is sure to go miles ahead in her career! All the best, Donna.

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