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Staying Grounded – the Run good, the Run bad and the Balance

Posted by Sangeeth Mohan on 2011-07-03 at 12:00 AM

As a poker player you could have months when everything you touch turns into gold.. You start hitting the wonder NO Outters, the runner runner draws and of course taking no credit away from you, you are playing great poker. Like in one of the previous articles, I mentioned about handling bad runs. I am gonna talk about handling good runs today.

As poker players we all have had our share of good runs and bad runs. Now, the key here is to find a balance between these two to make sure that neither of it affects us beyond a certain level. One month you could be making thousands of dollars online and could run dry for a few months after that. I am sure that there are those days when you think that you are the best player in the world and you can even take down Phil Ivey heads up. (May be you can), however, there are these days when you think that you cant even win playing zynga poker.

The key here is to find the balance. Let me give you a real life example of Intervention. He is one of the most emotionally balanced players I have ever seen in my life. Whatever happens at the table stays at the table for him. Even if he wins thousands of Dollars or lose thousands of Dollars he stays the same. (I wonder how he does it). Moreover, he still Mentors is team mates irrespective of what happened at the table may be 15 mins ago. Imagine you losing the Chip leader pot in the 750k when there are thirty people left and a team member asking “Inter, do I raise fold to an 8 bb reshove?” and he says” no brah , just call”. For me that’s balance, it doesn’t really matter if he wins or loses thousands of dollars, he still stays grounded.

Having said that in the above situation I would have screamed “die bitch”…

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Sangeeth Mohan

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