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Sticking to the plan

Posted by JAIDEEP on 2013-01-08 at 12:00 AM

hi i last blogged to wish everone a new yr and since no one replied with normal new wishes so i presume u guys r all work and no play kind (kidding)..so here it is …

since this being a PokerGuru site i won’t say anything abt other promoters of online and offline games in India bt most of us know that thr r certain league type series every month that hands out free tickets to GOA…nw me being a small grinder i will jump at every possible source of free money..so here is whr my doubt arrives..i have won a few times in the series and have got tickets to GOA as well…

so these r few hands in HU of a certain such game…nw i want to ask what i did wrong in all these hands…for an MTT i guess be r enough deep stack seeing storms and the milly dont even have 50BB with anyone on FT





OR is the simple answer I OVERDID IT?

positive criticism will be appreciated ..thx guys

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