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Sunday Pro Team Recap

Posted by Aditya Sushant on 2011-07-25 at 12:00 AM

Yesterday was a big Sunday as most of us put in mass volume. Even Aditya Agarwal actually played yesterday after what seemed like ages so it seemed like something was gonna happen for sure with so many of us putting in big volume. Well so to say, nothing BIG really happened but there were a few results.

I managed to go deep in the 54 Turbo KO and the 16.5 Turbo..was disappointed I couldn’t finish better. I also managed to make a deep run in the Bigger 22 before busting after becoming short stacked. In the Sun Mill, wid blinds at 400/800, I took a really sick beat which most of u might know about by now. I finally managed a final table in the 109 Turbo where I busted 7th when I was 4th in chips cause some lucky idiot’s AK outdrew my AK wid a 4 card flush for him. I think AK just hates me, more so on Sundays!

Rest of the team had impressive results too. Samohh managed to win the 55 6max Turbo again for a decent payday of over 5k and also went deep in the Million and the Bigger 55. Congrats! KC went deep in a couple events including a 6max hyper turbo. Best of all though, Adi “Intervention” Agarwal went superr deep in the 530 Sunday 500. 1st was bout 66.5k. Coasting along for the most part, he got crippled down to less than a small blind at the 2k/4k level when he had only 1,700 chips. However, he managed to build his stack back up to 300kish before finally busting in 13th after a couple of coolers and an unfortunate bustout hand 🙁 WP

Feels good to see the team starting to do well overall..with everyone putting in this kind of effort and volume, big results are only a stone’s throw away or something along those lines…

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Aditya Sushant

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