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Posted by Russel Parkin on 2013-01-30 at 12:00 AM

Haven’t blogged since forever, been busy running and playing like crap in the live cash games in Delhi, and touching new lows in my make up. In this downswing i managed to put 8 straight losing sessions. While 8 ten hour sessions of live cash is too small a sample (less than 1500 hands?) to infer much from, I’m aware that I’ve been guilty of getting results oriented during this losing streak and playing spewy at times. And that’s when one needs to take a break, when you get results oriented instead of picking what is important from a situation and moving on. This month was similar to last year’s September when i couldn’t seem to be up in a session.
So i took some time off live and this helped me get in some volume online. I’ve been playing $8 180 mans lately and plan to continue to do so till i build a roll and get good enough to get into large field mtts on the regular. I’ll be playing the hot 11 and hot 16.5 when i’m not playing live. I also have about 25 buy ins for nl100 (on my ps and full tilt accounts combined) and plan to take 1 buy in shots in 6 max zoom nl100 every session. Got in two sessions and the game seems soft enough to grind.
Went to Bangalore over last weekend where a lot of my college friends are working. I did check out golden aces there and played a couple sessions. The game’s good there, but i definitely like prann’s home game in Delhi better. Tables there are full of compulsive slow rollers.
And while our pgmp batch has been doing pretty well overall, its safe to say that sahil (antilog on ps) has done more than setting the pace, he’s been putting in a good amount of volume and consistently getting good scores. I definitely want to emulate him right now.
December was good, where I had an awesome pgt experience, also went deep and finished 3rd in the CR cup 30k event (62 entrants).

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Russel Parkin

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