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The Break

Posted by Sangeeth Mohan on 2012-10-20 at 12:00 AM

Hey Folks, I hope everyone has been killing it online or otherwise. As most of you know I returned from the Macau- Manila trip pretty happy. Got a win in Manila, Ran deep in the high rollers and the Main and played good overall. Gotta tell you again that I LOVE Manila and cant wait to get back there. The day I came back , I won the hot 109 for about 7k ish which was sweet.

Post this win, I just realized I was not really playing my A game as far as tourneys were concerned. I felt burnt out and tired and was feeling frustrated everytime I played one online. This is when I figured that I needed a break and thought I will put in some cash volume for a change. I was pretty confident about my post flop play and wanted to see how I can utilize this to my advantage while playing cash.

It only took me 1 day to realize that cash was a completely, I mean TOTALLY diff ball game. You dont have to take half the spots you need to in tournaments. If you can just play simple TAG ABC poker you can make money and thanks to my tourney image people think I am a frigging lagtard and i keep getting paid.

However, having said that, I suck at cash at various levels. I have figured a lot of my leaks just by playing a few sessions. My boy, Nitish, has been killing the cash games in Goa and he also helps me with certain leaks and stuff.

I have played about 14 sessions till date in cash and booked winnings in 8 of em. I ran bad in 2 sessions and played terri bad in the other 4. So I need to work on that.

I plan to get back to the grind sometime in November or hey why not the 6th of November once FTP get back. I keep going through Forums and the PGMP sessions to make sure that I dont lose the tournament Mindset.. I mean lets face it , I LOVE tourneys., although I am trying to play good in cash as well. LEts hope for the best.

I am also excited about the PGT coming up next week. It looks pretty sick and hopefully we hit good numbers. Last time I was able to win the Head Hunters event for like 2.5l or something. I hope I will be able to play good this time as well and win something big.

Thats all for now… See u all soon for PGT.

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Sangeeth Mohan

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