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The Execution. Week 1.

Posted by Vinay Suchede on 2012-05-21 at 12:00 AM

So how did the plan work out in Week 1? Well not along expected lines. Wrote “The Plan” blog on tue/wed I think of putting in 2K hands of 6max from Monday to Friday and putting profits into playing MTT on Saturday and Sunday. Anyways here’s the report on how the plan got executed:

Started 6 tables [I] (decided against firing up more, don’t want to play like a robot anymore) of 6-max 5$ buyins (250bb)[/I]. Couldn’t put in the volume but was up around 20$ after around 2.5K hands in 2 days. Friday, had a busy day. In the evening, it was a Friday Night Horror show. Dumped all of it in a single 1K hand session. Really ran bad (Always the second nuts, sets over sets, you name it). At these micro levels, if you run bad it’s really tough as you have almost no fold equity against weaker players. My red [I] (non-showdown winnings)[/I] line is always in the negative even though my green and blue lines are up as the players playing are very showdown happy. At higher limits even 25NL, having negative red lines is a major leak.

So finally decided to quit and play 6-max on Saturday as well considering I was not going to miss the Champ League final and didn’t have my laptop [I] (gone for repairs, same hanging problem as encountered during our live session in Goa). [/I]

Saturday, I am again having a bad session. FML. Now I am behind. Somehow I recover to get unstuck and then quit. Anyways thought I will still play [I](approx 20$ worth) [/I] MTT on Sunday afternoon onwards. Promised myself to put in 6-max volume and recover next week.

Registered in 8 tournaments. Buyins : 0.55, 3.3, 2.2, 1.1, 3.3, 4.4, 4.4, and PokerGuru online league 1.1 [I] (Overlay of 50$ in that one as only 50 had registered! VFM) [/I]

Horrible play in 3.3 as I couldn’t get away from top pair. Tough to get into tournament zone after playing cash games [I] (and vice versa)[/I] as Ashutosh in his blog has pointed out.

[B]0.55[/B] ran deep but only min cashed.

[B]2.2 [/B] ran deep and was having a good stack, but then got a really sick beat. I seriously don’t know what he was thinking when he shoved. Maybe he mis-clicked. No one can be this bad. FML. Read about the hand in Online Poker forum.

Nothing noteworthy in [B]1.1, 3.3, 4.4.[/B] Internet connection somehow kept tripping and was intermittent for couple of hours. Played it on the phone. Lol. [I] (Life tilts.) [/I]

[B] 4.4 [/B] [I] (8-max) [/I] ran really deep with good stack [I](back on the PC) [/I] and thought was playing really well. But then occurred a terribly played stack-denting hand. Went C,C,C, to TAG-villains barrels on a board of 2488J [I] (rainbow, no flush) [/I] with 66. Called the pot sized river bet. Villain had JJ. I almost knew he had hit gin on river to bet pot there. But I had to see it. Paid the price to look and went into under 20 bb zone. Standard bust out from there. I will try and post that hand from history in the forum. [I](Next time will be jotting tournament numbers so that I can request specific tournament hand history. Any other way to do this? I am a bit lazy to find out) [/I]

Had time for PG tourney to start. So started going through Prabhat’s HH. In the PG 1.1, busted 13th/50. Had a good time with Shawn, Shashank, Nehal and others.

Hoping for a better time $-wise this week. The much awaited APT is in town. Will be playing a couple of smaller buy-in side events. Good luck to all playing these events, especially to PG-ites. Lot of them have got into the main with that awesome 5-seat added satellite that CR had naughtily put out. I was tempted to fly down to Goa just to play in that. Ridiculous value for money considering the field sizes in Goa.

BTW, here’s hoping that Farukh bhai recovers. He had disappeared from the poker scene but I recollect having some good times with him on the tables. Get well soon bro!

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Vinay Suchede

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