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The Fabulous Novemeber…

Posted by Sangeeth Mohan on 2011-11-28 at 12:00 AM

This was by far the best Macau trip I had so far… 2 cashes and what an occasion… APPT, and the main event was the biggest ever in Asia with names like Phil Ivey, Johnny Chan, Joseph Cheong, Nanonoko, mement_mori and many more…. It was a crazy month for me as it started with the APT and I am happy I have been able to represent my country in the international arena too.

Before I take the ” How awesome I am” and ” How great I played” line, I need to thank one person. If I hadnt met him, I would never have played poker professionally, I would never have known anything about tournaments, like a lot of people i would have spewed money online and blamed it on the site being rigged etc. This person changed my life for good. He taught me what poker is, gave me the confidence that I can do it for a living and was there by my side whenever I needed him. Thank you Aditya”Intervention ” Agarwal… All the credit of whatever little I have done in the world of poker goes to you. For me you are the world’s best player and coach…
Now back to” how awesome I played”, For some reason I am doing really good in the deepstack variation although I thought I had a huge edge in turbo structures where shoving and calling ranges are crucial along with stack sizes.
In deepstack tourneys, you are always looking down at 70-80bb where the structure is really nice and slow. (its frustrating at times)… But I loved it. There is more room to make plays and there is more manoeverability (Amit Varma spelt it for me. so blame him if its wrong). You just need to know what strategy to use with your stack size and u should do good.

This Macau trip was by far the best with a huge team down here in Macau.We had some crazy fun and I look forward to such trips in the near future too..Hopefully the whole team will be in Cebu in February for the APT .

Thats it for now, and its PGT next…

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Sangeeth Mohan

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