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Posted by Harshil Dhingra on 2012-11-14 at 12:00 AM

“Why electronics engineering when u don’t have any interest in it?”…that’s how all my campus interviews begin…

the truth to the above question is that getting into a decent college was my top priority, I didn’t think abt what I’ll do once I get in there, the one big mistake most of us do while setting up our targets is, most of the times we aren’t even sure abt-why we are setting them…

Same goes for poker before making decisions we need to make sure why are we making them, u need to weigh all the factors before making any decision, as mentioned by rentdollarinplay in one of his sick blogs, regarding the bet sizing if someone is calling ur Xbb raise, would he be calling if u r raising more, or if u want someone to fold would raising less do the job, these small decisions can make huge impact on your hourly rate. Similarly, Prabhat sir gave me the following advice, and probably the most important 1.

“The biggest advice I would give you is to study poker…and I don’t mean by just reading books and watching videos. That’s just learning ideas, but it’s not studying the game. The nature of this game is that you are trying to make the most profitable decisions, and those decisions depend on what you are opponent is doing.

There are two parts to poker. 1) Finding out what strategy your opponent/opponents are using in EVERY SINGLE POT at every single spot. 2) Selecting the correct counter-strategy. Part 2 is the easier part. The best poker players in the world will never make a mistake on Part 2″.

All your success in poker in the long term will actually depend on the above lines.my advice to everyone including myself would be to go through our hhs, try to analyse our decisions based on the above parameters and try to come up with the correct play for all the tricky spots, or post them in the forums to have them analysed. This way we all can improve our thought process and benefit from each other’s past mistakes.

It’s great to be a part of PGMP2 batch. Getting coached by adi sir can be a dream start to anyone’s poker career. he along with Vinay and Prabhat sir and other pg mentors ,taking out so much time to improve and help us with our game ,motivates u to work even harder to justify your selection to be mentored by them.i would also like to thank the pgmp2 members for sharing their thoughts and in some case notes for us (dv ur last class notes are due I guess…:P, 10k has made u lazy mahn…:P , p.s.thanks for the early motivation dose, and good luck to u and all the pg followers, have fun at the tables..

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Harshil Dhingra

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