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The first big score

Posted by Sahil Agarwal on 2012-11-19 at 12:00 AM

An amazing way to end the weekend. Shipped the $5.5 10k gtd turbo on stars. My first ever 4-fig score and obv the biggest I ever had.

Started the weekend with the MicroMillions $2.2 10k gtd. Went pretty good and found myself in a nice spot when the money bubble burst. Was comfortable in the top 100 and was playing pretty solid. But, when it comes to online poker there are a lot many ways u can get on tilt. Call it my carelessness or luck, the current went off and somehow I found my laptop to have a backup for just 20 more minutes. And when I switched to the android app after that, it was awaiting an update which took around 15 mins. So I finally get back to the game with around 7BB and go bust in a couple of hands. Meh! Later that day, ran pretty good in the MM $11 KO as well but busted 452nd.

I ran super hot in the MM $3.3 Turbo HU shootout. Ran over the first 3 tables within the first two blind levels. I was playing just the shootout then and it was getting quite frustrating to wait for an hr to play for another 10 mins when u r so sleepy. I decided to reg in the 2.7, 4.4, 5.4 and the 5.5 the turbos running then. And soon I got busted from the shootout..lol. But as some consolation for staying awake and playing, I managed to ship 1. After a roller coaster beginning, chipping up gradually, I managed to keep myself in the top10% of the field after we hit the money. A lot learnt was implemented and saw them work like magic. Lot of light 3-bet shoves and i was getting chips without even a flop.

At the FT bubble, 5-handed at 20k/40k(5k) 18BB eff I was dealt K6o at SB. BB calls my minraise and flop comes KhQd2h. I decide to pot control with the top pair and check called his 80k bet.Turn goes c/c with a 2d. River Jh completing the flush. I check called 160k bet into 345k pot. He showed 45hh and I get a small hit to my stack.Down to 12 bigs.
Couple of hands later I shove JJ UTG and get called by AJ on BB. Managed to hold to burst the FT bubble and get back to a 25BB stack.
Lost a flip with 66 on BB where I called a 5BB shove. He has AT and clipped an A on flop.
4-handed AK on BB and BU shoves. Ez call and I double up to 27 bigs.
Same villain min raise UTG and I jam 17BB stack with 44.He calls with AK. I hold up and get a nice CL.
Knocked out a guy to get 3 handed holding 99… called his 15BB shove he had 66 and I held.
HU lasted a few hands before I 4-bet jammed 24 BB eff with A5. Villain calls with AK. I hit a 5 and win it.

Feels good to snatch it away with a smaller ace *Evil grin*.

I owe this win to Prabhat and Adi, for let aside shipping it, I never saw myself FT two turbo tourneys within a span of two weeks . Thanks a ton guys.. lot more to learn and lot many games to take down.

Until i ship another, cheers! :D:p

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Sahil Agarwal

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