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The good the bad the ugly and the plan

Posted by saby on 2014-12-31 at 12:00 AM

The good –
2014 started pretty much like mid 2013 where i was unable to focus for more than 2-3 hrs however towards the end of the year I got better at it and was able to focus a little more than before. Focus for long hours is crucial to tournament poker. You can be the best at the game but after grinding for 12 Hrs in a large field MTT if you spew it off on the final 2 tables your results will be same as that of the biggest fish.
Towards the end of the yr i made a few deep runs and FTed some large fields, Bigger 11, Bigger 5.5, Hotter 33, 27 TPSKO etc.
Other than that we got a massive ROI in rebuys (excluding the rebuy) so playing the deeper structures well, did well in 8r, 11r, cubed quads etc.
Got selected into a HS stable so will start getting back to playing the 109s soon.
Never travelled to play live so this Tilt series was super nice in the sense that i got to meet up with Sushi, Sahil, Jasven, we had a lot of fun and spending some time with them helped my game and confidence a lot. Guys were nice enough to point out the mistakes they saw me doing which was super helpful
The bad –
I have developed a habit or looking at poker as a distraction, it’s almost like ok I have nothing else to do so let’s sit down and click btns which is a habit i will kickoff soon.
The Ugly –
Man what a fish i am at live MTTs its embarrassing, I have no clue how many BBs are there in my stack. I can’t stacks chips correctly, My hand shakes, and in my attempt to do the above things correctly i end up betting the wrong amount cos i selected the wrong color of chips. I put ppl on the lightest ranges possible and they show me the nutts.
My short stack game which used to be my best game sucks now.
My health i have dropped abt 9 Kgs this year to hit 55Kg atm which is bad need to get to peak health this year.
The Plan
– Play as much live cash as possible to get better at live game. I realize that there is as much soft skills involved in live play as the technicalities. Jasven was nice enough to let me rail him for a few hours and point out a lot of stuff which I am already incorporating into my game. I will try to put in atleast 2 sessions of 8Hrs+ live each week.
– Work on my short stack game thankfully this is the easy part and can be fixed quickly.
– Look at poker as a job and not as a distraction or a hobby and get back the hunger to close things. So I will make some volume and ROI goals. I haven’t worked out a realiztic number but will update it soon.
– Blog regularly – Usually i am too lazy to do this but it’s pretty important to blog and keep a track of progress.
– Learn some other forms of poker, played a bit of 2-7 with Sahil, Sushi and JD, been playing some Omaha, It’s so much fun to do something other than NLHE. JD knows all the non holdem games so will get him to teach me.
– Lastly in 2015 I will decide if I want to become a poker player or be a salaried guy who’s hobby is poker. It’s pretty important to make my mind and then put my heart and mind to it so this year will be crucial in deciding what i want to do really.
Thanks for reading and hope ur pairs hold and draws get there. Lets have fun and the best wishes for a great year ahead.

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