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Posted by Sangeeth Mohan on 2012-08-15 at 12:00 AM

A few of you already know that I am in Kolkata at Adi’s place on a longish grind/working on my game/chilling session. I got here last Thursday and its been crazy fun. Fo starters, I love the food in Calcutta. The Biriyani, the Rolls, the Mishti Doi and everything there is to eat. Its absolutely awesome. Like my facebook post from a couple of weeks ago said, I was indeed looking for a break, but this is better. Great food, great friends and great learning.

So the idea of coming to Kolkata was to Grind with Adi , watch a lot of videos, Go through hand histories and work on the game basically. Like Intervention says, its very important to keep working on your game. It keeps evolving and you always gotta keep improvising.

This trip for me was all about fixing the though process or atleast get in sync with adi how much ever possible and work on bet sizing. Because of the break from online tournies, I had taken in between coz of the live schedule, my bet sizing wasnt something I have been proud of. So this trip I am putting in a lot more effort to get that right. As far as learning is considered, a good percentage of it is reinforcing the basics and fundamentals. A new thing I started doing (I used to do it when I started off with PokerGuru in 2011) is to write down whatever I learn new in a day. It helps me a great deal and I just keep going over it whenever I get time so that it comes naturally to me and I dont have to think a lot when such a situation arise.

Another thing we have been doing is watching a lot of videos together and Intervention pauses everytime a complex hand is discussed to explain the entire thought process to me and different scenarios where I can use a similar play.

Intervention uses Hand history discussions basically for plugging leaks.Everytime we stop at a hand on the Universal replayer he asks me what I would do in this situation and then corrects me if I am wrong. The kind of patience level he has with me is insane and personally i think he has worked more on my game than I have.

We had a few long online sessions together too. We managed to get a few deep runs and lost about $ 25k in equity combines over the last 4 sessions. We finished 20th in the Big 109, Deep in the warm up, 30th in the hotter 16.5, and 11th in the hotter 11 all to ridiculous beats in crazy spots. I hope we get a few more deep runs in the next 5 days I am here and will be able to win some soon.

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Sangeeth Mohan

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