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The Live Run Bad.

Posted by Vinay Suchede on 2012-07-29 at 12:00 AM

Bricked the July edition of PGT. This continues a series of bricks in live tournaments in Goa after the PGT main event win in February this year. It has been pretty disappointing run in live tourneys. I have been running really bad in them. After the mentorship program started, I have been putting in a lot of effort to eradicate errors. Think I have been playing pretty decent. Unfortunately the Poker Gods haven’t been kind especially at showdowns and the frequency of my running into top ranges has been amazing.

In the 5K event, I swing up and down a bit in the 1st 3 levels and I am back at starting stack in the 4th level at 200-400 with 12bb. An unknown has shifted to the table and is sitting to my right. Laveena, a colleague from the program has just lost a huge pot and is down to less than 4bb. The player (around 25bb) limps UTG+1 and folds to Laveena’s 4bb shove. Next hand he is UTG and again limps. I shove with A5s. He tank calls with KQo and clips the K.

In the 12K event, I pick up KK utg few hands into the 1st level. I open 250. Sushant and Singhvi flat from late positions. Flop KQ3r. I check call Sushant’s bet of 450. Singhvi folds in between. Turn 7. I check call 1050. River T. Completes a back door flush. I check. Sushant shoves rest of his 4K stack in. I call. He shows AJo for the river-ed straight. This leaves me crippled with 22bb at 1st level. 2nd level starts and I am down to 12bb. Singhvi limps utg. Folds to me in CO. I jam 12bb with A7s. Sushant re-jams with AJo. Singhvi folds. That was the end of that.

In the 25K main, 2nd level, I am at starting stack. Achin is to the right of me has been very active but has lost 1/3rd stack in a 3bet pot to Bhalla’s K5s. He opens 6x with 50bb in the next hand UTG. I have AKo. I ponder whether to flat or 3b/c. Flatting 6bb with 50bb effective felt uncomfortable. Went with 3b/c. He shows up with AA. I am crippled to 25bb at the 2nd level. Win one open in the next level. 4th level 200-400, I am at 12bb. I re-jam 66 to Kanjani’s open and Achin’s flat. Kanjani calls with AKo. This is one of the few flips in recent memory that I have won. I double up to 25bb. I have to give up on an open here as I get shoved and re-shoved. I am down to 20bb after sometime. UTG+1 limps. Gets one to tag along. I jam with AQo. The initial limper had KK. GG.

Back to the online grind now. Till next week then.


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Vinay Suchede

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