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The PG OPL Take Down

Posted by Arjun Parmar on 2012-07-23 at 12:00 AM

hey guys… After a long time i played poker online last night at the PG OPL. But this time the number of players were only 23. May be cuz of the micro millions. Anyways again this time the tourney started at 10 pm on Sunday. I had already registered but logged in late for the tourney so when i started on my table my stack was down to 1840 and the blinds were 15/30.

Recently i have been watching a lot of Tournament Training videos and i did learn a lot from them and also implemented the moves in last night’s tourney and they did work. I managed to get a few early double ups.

There was this one hand where i got really lucky against Jammy.

I was in MP and was dealt A9o. the blinds were 75/150. folded to me i make it 340 pre with my A9o. the table folds to Jammy who 3-bets me to 777 from the Big Blind. i thought for a second and didnt really keep him on a hand, i thought he is trying to steal the pot pre so i 4-bet him to 1300 he thought and 5-bet shoves for 2100 or 2200 and… then i was like “oops” i had to call more 800 in a pot of 3520. so i was getting a good 4 to 1 odds and was already pot committed. I call and Jammy shows down the cowboys (KK). The flop was 8sJh10d not a very good flop for Jammy since it gave me an open ender and i also had an A. the turn was a Js and river Qd and i take the pot with a straight. really got very luck there. Sorry Jammy :).

Overall the tourney was fun like always and i played well through out took my time and made my moves. So ya was really happy with the way i played the tourney. In the later stage of the tourney when there were 3 players left i lost a few hand putting a bad hole in my stack and the reason for this was the CHAT BOX where i was chatting continuously and didnt pay good attention at the game. The HU was between my PG MP mate DoctorPoker (Simon) and Arj1985 (Myself). Simon had a MASSIVE chip lead over me. He had 38000 chips and i had around 8200 chips. Again got lucky on the very first HU hand.

Position : – BB
Hand dealt : – 34o
Blinds 300/600 ante 50

Simon makes it 1500 pre and i shove for all my 8100 chips with 34o. The flop was Jd3dKs turn 9s giving simon a 9 pair over my 3 pair and the miracle river card was the 4c giving me the 2 pairs 3 n 4 over simon’s 9 pair.

I started playing a bit aggressive and managed to bring my stack to 20k against Simons 24k stack.

Position : – BB
Hand dealt : – AJo
Blinds : – 300/600 Ante 50

Simon opens the pot with a raise to 1500 pre. I 3bet him to 2400. He 4-bet shoves 24000 and i snap call him with AJo he shows down 86o. the flop was 5d9c9d turn Ad river Qh. I make my A pair and put a massive hole in his stack and a few hands later i win an all in game with my pocket 7’s and take down the PG OPL.

Cheers and see you at the tables 😀

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Arjun Parmar

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