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Posted by JAIDEEP on 2013-07-01 at 12:00 AM



The right of passage for any poker player is to continue moving up the stakes he plays and continue winning…i started .02/.05 $ 9 man games$ when i had like 400$ essentially 80BI in my account…through semi-luck (MILESTONE stake share, played 50k hands in that period so not all is luck) and huge volume i was able to make profit. I made almost 300$ profit there playing add it with the 550$ ish bonus and all i crossed 1k.

I have now moved to 10NL bt not the 100BB game. I kinda feel it a bit short stacked …ya 100BB seems short ..winning 1000BB pots in PLO must be the reason so am playing the .05/.1$ deep ante 0.02 game these days.Learning a lot actually.And actually nw feel thr is a huge skill diffence here.Ya huge even thought its just a micro stake jump.

So here is my graph since last update.


Also u will notice i am very much above EV..thats because i ran well in the 45/30/25 % probablity hands in PLO 3 handed all in pre.

For all those who r thinking hw good i run just ask me to send u my FTP out of challenge graph to u and then u will become happy i know

Here is my graph till date for this month.


So this gives me 130$ profit from the games.

Another thing i almost forgot was PSO Series of Poker.


I have planned to play the whole series and over half way of it complete. I am in top 25 right nw. More importantly I won my first event after almost 5 FT’s. I won the 1.1$ PLO event for 20$ more important than that for the BRACELET (virtual but atleast a start).

So overall after all other buyins deducted i have to be up 140$ from last update so now the bankroll is



[B]The Biggest Month of CHALLENGE ends[/B]

Well this has been the first month so far this year where i have put the amount of effort i had hoped to and sure the results have shown. I logged around 70k hands on stars itself of cash games.This moth has been a learning curve and i have taking a few 3 digit downswings and rebounded strongly. I am doing decent in the PSO series as well being around top 15. Another goal that i finished for tis moth is that i am GOLD star VIP now. What that essentially means is better rakeback.

Since the last update on 25th I went on a downswing. Pretty much got owned ny a single guy on 4 tables 9man 0.05/0.1 deep ante. Who knew one caould be owned by one guy in a 9 handed table. Lost like 100$ to him in one session with some ill time bluff some hero calls and of course the KK vs AA cooler. What i noticed was i knew the whole time that i should get up but somehow i didn’t. Kept losing and finally gave up when a downed a 100. This happens to all of us but the best of us know when to come back to fight another day (not there yet).

Also my Holdem Stats were very bad.. I had till nw earned most my money in OMAHA and was not going good in Holdem. I took down names of players who are regular there and went on to study about them in Holdem Manager. More than what i found abt them i found much more about myself. My inabilty to stop after 2 barreling, my tilt mode, my POW tendencies (pay off wizard). After this studing i came back after a day break from Holdem with just playing OMAHA. I went on a tear and destroyed most opponents. Won decent amounts and left happily. #WIN

Free money is always welcome and i won 30$ in ZOOM and BOOM promo while breaking almost even playing 0.05/.1 ZOOM.Twice my KsKc got cracked otherwise would have won 50$.The PSO series also i made a FT after a big 6hr tourney the 1.1$ 5k stack 15 min tourney…to be honest this tourney was a streach.Too many weird plays i saw. Guys shoving 40BB utg on FT. I mean i look down at 88 and whatdo i do. .Another day maybe.Took 4th in that and to be honest the worse guy who was shoving 40BB pre won.Didn’t like that.

Now for all ur chart lovers.

Graph from 15th onwards again.


Holdem Graph for the month.


Omaha graph for the month.






GOLD star with 4800 FPP.spent only 500 till nw on VIP 109$ satelite to Zoom tourney 1M gtd..too good a price to miss…1500 played 500 got ticket..sadly i wasnt one of them

4 10$ unused stellar rewards which i wont count in BR


So BANKroll overall up 70$ through cash games since last update plus 30$ from ZOOM and BOOM promotion.

SO finally BR=1430$

Read more: The Biggest Month of CHALLENGE ends (jdsaz) – Poker School Online: Learn Poker Strategy, Odds and Tells [url]http://www.pokerschoolonline.com/blogs/jdsaz/the-biggest-month-of-challenge-ends#ixzz2XolKAawc[/url]

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