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The story so far…

Posted by Sachin Sinha on 2012-08-29 at 12:00 AM

Just a month back, I was on the verge of going broke as I saw my bankroll shrinking even after following a conservative bankroll management strategy. I was just not getting to those final tables to make any real money. I started playing poker seriously (not volume-wise though) in January this year after depositing $100 on PokerStars. I had good success initially and took my bankroll to $1000+ within a couple of weeks and then started a downswing to take my bankroll back to where I had started. It was frustrating to lose the flips and Ak vs AQ kind of hands at crucial stages of the tourney. I kept reducing my limits as my bankroll went down and managed to survive the downswing. As I mostly played huge fields (average 10000), the final tables had to be rare. It took me some time to realize that I should play smaller fields as I don’t put enough volume to make those final tables regularly. Another observation was that turbos are high variance tourneys, particularly at micro stakes. You don’t get enough opportunities to utilize your skills. So, I started playing more non-turbo tourneys.

Then comes the good run. This month has been amazing. I have managed 3 final tables (2 wins) from less than 100 games. First, I shipped the $3 tourney for $700+ and then a 6th place finish in the big $11 for $2600+. That helped me a lot in gaining my confidence back and I started taking shots at bigger tourneys like $22. The big one came just a couple of days back when I shipped the Sunday $22 (100k guaranteed) on stars for over 20k. 12 mins blinds and 7k+ field made me grind for over 12 hours, but the feeling in the end was amazing. I am taking a couple of days off from poker as I try to figure out my plans for the next month or so. I don’t think I am ready to go beyond $22 yet, but I will take occasional shots at $55 and $109 tourneys.

I need to work a lot on my game as I find myself clueless at some of the spots. I will share a few hands in the forum. I was quite happy to be selected for PGMP and the first session itself was very informative and useful in improving my pre-flop play. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it to Goa for the PGT and missed the live training sessions. Since then, I have lost track of when and where those sessions take place and now realize that the 3 month program is nearing its end. I could manage just one session and I regret missing out on such an opportunity to improve my game. I continue to visit the hand advice forum regularly and try to understand the thought process of the pros. I am also trying to make sure that I am in Goa for the PGT October edition and get a chance to meet the entire gang.

Wish you all good luck at the tables…..


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Sachin Sinha

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