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Then and Now

Posted by Sahil Agarwal on 2012-11-07 at 12:00 AM

Well, 1 lesson and it feels so different in the way i approach the game now. Living in my own world, considering myself tight aggressive, i realize now i was nothing but a super tight nit. To be true, i always thought people to be maniacs betting almost every hand, taking it down with 46s against my AK when i would have waited and waited for this hand and in the process blinded away to a super short stack. It now makes sense to me that i was an idiot and not them. Really feels good now to be knowing what we are doing and why rather than just clicking buttons.

With such few little improvements in my game, i was able to put in more volume and run pretty good (bad i am not sure). Managed a few top 100 finishes but couldn’t make the FT. Currently i play 8 tables a time and gradually adding few more. I hope to be playing 12 pretty soon. I mostly play Turbos and every hand almost ends pre. With blinds getting bigger and stacks shorter, i find myself becoming the super idiot nit again and blinding down to be knocked out by some marginal hand. I then decided to play it exactly like a $2.5T 180 man deep stage and see where it goes. Finally, last weekend i made a long awaited FT in a $5.4 KO Turbo. Entered the FT as 3/9 and managed to finish 4th after losing a flip with 77 against AQ where he hit Q high flush on the river. And a couple hands later, SB shoves with Q6 and i call A8 where he makes a straight with the board reading 79T6x and that was it. Althogh it would have been an amazing feeling to have shipped that one, even 4th is quite great in itself. 😀

I would really like to thank Prabhat as he has been working with me helping me improve my game for a few months even before PGMP started. Seriously, any session with him and i feel like a total noob in poker who doesn’t know anything but trips beat two pair. My game has improved exponentially since then. And now with PGMP, i can’t think of anything but getting even better.

With Full Tilt repoening, i am happy as i would have more micro stakes MTTs to play. Although not a huge fan on FUll Tilt, i like the interface of Stars better (unlike many i guess), i am still looking forward to playing there.

Later then.

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Sahil Agarwal

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