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This is Shashank Desai for the poker community, hello!

Posted by Shashank Desai on 2019-02-18 at 3:20 PM

What’s up folks! Hope your cards are running hot as a steam iron.

What a year it has been for the Indian poker community. A plethora of tournaments for all kinds of stakes, bigger GTDs ever getting bigger, sites being recognized as potential gold mines & getting funding, players striving to excel at WSOP… I want to say it seems like a start, but it was long time coming.

Long time coming, you say?

Makes me want to reminisce about the times when shipping the Sunday Millions on PS was the ultimate dream. If you could beat a field of 6000 odd regs, and lift the elusive “Sunday Millions Winner” title, it seemed like you had it all.

Well that changed , as times do.

Poker in India started booming. Well at least it started to resonate with a much wider audience. As they say, word of mouth does wonders.

Flashback to 2015, I was running a game in Pune. Nothing out of the ordinary. It was a 1k buyin 10/20 blinds NLHE. Over the course of 14-15 months, I met a multiple of individuals who obviously showed a potential to skip these stakes and move onto a better game. They got coached and did wonders for themselves. Come to think of it, a humble session for 10/20 over a period of time makes you realize whether you’re meant for this or not. Many succeeded, and some failed. That is the way variance goes in life. It has to balance out somewhere.

Let’s talk about the phrase “Starting from scratch”. It’s a phrase I identify with. There was a point in my poker career where I didn’t have a lot to show. Damn, I didn’t even have a lot to reg. It made me restless. I understood the need of keeping up. If there ever were truer words spoken than “You study to win, and then you win to study even more”.

So I did.

I studied Holdem, in accordance with my capabilities. I didnt sign up for a coach straight away, I didnt have the money for it. I took to other platforms where I could learn without putting up something for it. This became my job, my life.

The very next month, I had my first titile in my hand, IOPC. Next thing I shipped was the BPT HR in Goa after making many FT of other live tournies.

Then the online adventure began (why not?). My good friend Kartik Ved introduced me to online poker and currently is my coach for so many years.

The point is, I learnt the only thing from the game, which is to improve always. There is always a chance.

And now, in the wake of the GameChanger, I feel like all these years have come to materialize.

This amazing tournament is a life changer first, and a game changer second.

I will see you on the felts of this prestigious tournament, and I will be at my A+ game. Honest to god, shipping this would be unreal. And If I do…nothing changes bruh. The grind continues…



The grind continues…

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Shashank Desai

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