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Time To Hit the Tables

Posted by rohit3887 on 2012-11-22 at 12:00 AM

Hi everyone, i have been wanting to write the blog since i joined PokerGuru but i really hate to wine in the blog and i got no good result . Anyway i have been pretty excited since i got selected in PGMP2 althogh havent put up the volume i would like to put. So i hit the tables after the 1st session and was playing so different than i usually do. Being on PGMP has make playing the tourney part fun for me. Now i am full aware at the table and always looking to 3-bet light (love doing this) anyway it gets spewy some times. I need to control that. Anyway i have played just 40 tourneys since then (there was a very good blog from Alchemist which also made me to think to select the tourneys wisely). All in all i havent won anything Yet but i feel good about my play.

The significant deep run that i made was in big 16.50 where i went out in 15th rank.
I thought i played very good by my standards and manage to reach deep by stealing
pots without getting any big hands. Anyway i was doing very good at the table and was min-raising almost every hand 7 handed. And was running at 2/15. There was only one other guy at the table who was raising frequenty rest it seems were just waiting for a hand.
Anyway i got tilted when i lost 13 out of 22 BB stack to a JJ vs 22 .
This hand got me tilted and i shoved the 9bb stack UTG 7 handed with Q9o. (sucks) and got called byBB with 66. I lost and GG ..
Anyway I think i will do good in near future ., GL to u all.

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