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Posted by Harshil Dhingra on 2012-11-28 at 12:00 AM

have been running bad for the last couple of weeks,not at the tables
though. just had my exams.also couldn’t play in MM3,was definitely
better prepared then the last 2 times, thanks to pgmp2. also wasn’t able
to attend the last session, though i went through the chat but
learning 1st hand is always better.

nice to know that others from pgmp2 are crushing the tables (congrats sahil), u guys are a great motivating source.
now the plan is to build my roll, would be playing a lot of 45’s and
the 180’s to build it. .due to pgmp having the right pre flop knowledge
regarding the different stages of tournament both deep and short
stacked would be very helpful,,180’s would be a good way to test it.

hope to have some good sessions before my next blog, till then hope u guys have a great time

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Harshil Dhingra

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