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Posted by Olli Wirkkunen on 2012-09-10 at 12:00 AM

So my break didn’t take long, less then 48 hours actually 🙂
A friend of mine talked me into playing again so here we are.
I’ve been playing quite a few MTTs lately, mostly beacuse the stuff that we have been learning in
the mentorship program starts to work out more and more, and making my runs deeper and deeper.

I had a cpl of deep runs last week and a cpl more yesterday.
Best result yesterday was in 3.3$ 6-handed where I finished 34th after been having chiplead most part of the tournament.
Nothing fancy but getting closer to my goal everyday.
I also ended up playing WCOOP Omaha 320$ I think it was event 3. This was a terrible mistake,
because I was playing the satellite for it and was hoping to just get the tournament dollars,
but the game had already started when I was ready with my sat so no other options theen to play.
The Omaha tourney itself was no success for me, got busted already after some 3 hours or so.

I have also been railing a lot of players lately. It has been very interesting watching Adi, prabhat and KC lately,
try to understand what they are doing and why. Many times I get really surprised over the action in the hands. But I learn a lot from this.
Another player who is interesting to watch a good friend of mine since 20 years back is Jalla79,
and he is playing tonight in day2 WCOOP#21. He is in position 47/103 with about 36BB.
He was making a killing yesterday and I really hope he will make the final table today.

This week I will not be playing so much, but reading re-reading and watching poker.
I have been reviewing hand histories and reading a lot lately, and I think I have identified
and plugged some of my leaks, time will tell.

We had UPC running at the casino this weekend, which seemed to be a huge success compared to what
we have been dealing with lately. 100+ players in event 1 and enough of players in the other events too..
Congrats to Danish, who managed to work his way in to two finaltables during the weekend. GG Danish.

that’s it for now


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Olli Wirkkunen

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