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Turnout at IPC

Posted by Sweetu Bansal on 2013-01-26 at 12:00 AM

Hi friends,

It has been long since i last blogged, running low, nothing much to write about.

However, we all poker players are concerned about the current TDS issue at Goa Casino’s. IPC is happening in the midst of this confused scenario, wherein, most of us are confused that how this will work out. Since, i m currently not at Goa, and, have not been able to get any information as regard to how this is being tackled, cannot say much about it, but we will have the details pretty soon.

But, one thing which has made me blog about it, is the numbers, i.e. there have been better turnout then expected. Reasons which i feel are:

1. Ofcourse first and foremost reason is the extended long weekend, probably, three day holiday at stretch made it easier for everyone.
2. No doubts IPC is one of the top two tournaments of India (obviously the other one is PGT – as per the turnout), and, this time they have marketed it well, continuous mouth publicity, facebook updates, bbm n wassup messages, and, not to forget they made it to the newspaper too this time.
3. To cover the TDS issue they have offered this tournament as a rake free one (again PGT has been always a rake free tourney).
4. IPC is running online tourney regularly on every Tuesdays and Thursdays, they have more than 1K members.
5. IPC is closely connected at two three places in Mumbai wherein regular home games are played.

So, what i feel is that since there is a regular inflow of new players into poker world, if above points are followed, and few more things which might not have come to my mind, are taken care of, then atleast numbers should not be a problem.

Unfortunately, could not make it to IPC, but, hoping that pretty soon we will have PGT, wherein, we PGMP batchmates itself are around 50, plus add another 10 to 15 PGT pros to it, then the numbers definately is not a problem for us too.

Luking forward to meeting u all soon, till then keep enjoying poker.

Bye, Good luck to one and all

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Sweetu Bansal

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