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Posted by Sachin Sinha on 2012-12-05 at 12:00 AM

Hi Guys, hope poker is treating you well. I must be the most passive regular member of this site:) I visit the hand advice forum daily, read all blogs, but hardly comment or blog myself. I am just too lazy for that.

Observing a bunch of highly motivated, inspired and promising new players forced me to come out of my laziness shell today. A big thumbs up to you guys. You are doing a great job in keeping the forums active. PGMP is setting a great foundation for you and I am sure, soon you will all be seen killing at the tables.

Coming to my own update, I had a lull period after the big 22 win. But, I remained very patient. Since I still play very large fields (5k+ avg), the final tables have to be rare. I think I did quite well in isolating myself from daily / weekly results. Bad beats didn’t have quite the same impact on me that they used to have earlier. I could simply ignore them and focus on the next hand. A series of bad beats still makes me mad, but I think I have learned to manage them. Last month, I managed to have a couple of big scores. A second place in my fav big 22 for over 8k and a third place in Saturday splash for over 9k during the same weekend. The winners of both the tourney were big fishes and they gave me a couple of brutal beats before shipping the tourneys. So, I was slightly disappointed in the end. It hurts when you lose to a fish for an amount like 10k. But, I think I am forgetting all the bad beats I have given to people in reaching the stage I did. After those big scores, I opened the cashier showing some 30k+ (that is after withdrawing around 10k). I stared at it for a while thinking of the day when I had started with $100. It made me smile 🙂

I continued to focus on $5-$22 tourneys as I think that is where I belong. That is where I have significant edge over the field. I broke my bankroll rule only once when I played WCOOP $109 (1M guaranteed). I had a pretty decent stack at one point when a couple of bad beats ended by run (first my JJ lost to 66 in a bvb preflop all-in and then I successfully represented a tilt when I open shoved 25bb with QQ and got called by AQ only to see an Ace on the board). I do feel the temptation to play bigger tourneys. Every Sunday night, I open the Sunday Million lobby, search for a couple of players like intervntion, suicidespree, think about playing it, and then decide against it. It’s not that I cannot afford $215, but I think playing such tourneys once in a while is just like gambling plus I do not have an edge over the field.

Putting volume continues to be a problem for me. With a full time job, it’s difficult to manage more than 4-5 tourneys during a weekday. During weekend also, I hardly play more than 10-15 tourneys in a day. I feel exhausted after that and can’t keep the focus. So, with over 30k in my account, I thought about the idea of backing someone who can put in the volume that I am missing. When I saw Vinay’s staking ad, I immediately decided to go for it. It’s unfortunate to see him quitting the MTTs, but I respect his decision. Nothing comes above happiness in life and no point in continuing something that is not keeping you happy. Like many others, I do believe that he will be back to grinding MTTs again.

I will continue to try and put in as much volume as I can. I have finally bought a new powerful laptop with a big screen and started using HM2 immediately. It has been of great help.

That’s all from me. I will try to blog more often.

Wish you all good luck at the tables…

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Sachin Sinha

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