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Posted by Prabhat Mukherjea on 2013-05-28 at 12:00 AM

I haven’t been blogging much lately. That’s mainly because, sadly there hasn’t been all that much to blog about. Since January, I have been doing pretty badly at poker, losing quite a bit of money. I’ve also been trading in commodities, stocks and forex etc and doing that somewhat seriously, which is one reason I’ve been playing poker a little less of late.

Nonetheless, It’s not that I haven’t played or haven’t had chances. Recently I was deep in Adda’s Harley-Davidson freeroll. It all felt a little surreal. The tournament was extraordinarily weak and full of fishes. After a while a fish continuously accused me of belonging to adda (because there were several POY ID’s and he wasn’t bright enough to realize POY= Player of the Year). I sledged him back, and had some fun. Eventually I got pretty deep by abusing some insanely poor play from my opponents who had no conception of how to play a short-stack. Sadly with 8 players left and a big stack, I got coolered when I raised a limper from the SB with AA in the big blind. He called. I bet the QJ2 flop, the A turn and shoved the blank river only to be shown KT for the straight. I shoved my remaining 4 bbs with Q6 and got sucked out on by 64 for the tourney.

I didn’t really feel too bad since it was a freeroll and seemed a little unreal. On another note, I made some money playing SCOOP satellites- enough to show a profit though I whiffed on every single SCOOP event I played, and had only 1 deep run in countless tournaments (120th or so in Bigger 55 day before). Anyway, I don’t think I am playing much different or worse than I was when I was crushing. It’s just a sustained streak of negative variance, which I am not too worried about. I’ve been working on my mental game and have made several improvements to my mindset, goals and bankroll management, and I am confident that’s gonna see some concrete results sooner or later, and at any rate I am going to eliminate the big bleeding that tends to accompany my good results.

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Prabhat Mukherjea

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