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Update on 2.5, 180’s..

Posted by Harshil Dhingra on 2012-12-16 at 12:00 AM

ssup guys.hope u all are running good.i mentioned in my last blog regarding putting up some volumes in the 180s which i wasn’t able to do due to college stuff and all, though i moved on to 4 tables and was comfortable with them, think i can add 1-2 more, or maybe i’ll spend some more time on 4 tables.
i did have a couple of small sessions last week,, my last 50 games of 2.5 180’s went pretty well. i was ITM 8 times,, of which i min cashed thrice was 8th twice, 2nd once and twice i won it.
i know tht its a lol samplesize, and i really need to put in some volume. nowadays i m pretty comfortable playing with the short stack. its like i m just waiting for the blinds to shoot up, 2.5’s are the perfect way to build your bankroll and improve ur shortstackgame.you just need to..
1) download pokerstove.com
2) Work really hard on the mathematics of push/fold poker when short-stacked
3) You have to be playing for the 1st/2nd place, tightening up when running bad/deep is disastrous.
4) Don’t make big folds preflop when you have less than 30 BB….they are almost always wrong.
5) Don’t be results oriented. Running into AA doesn’t make a shove bad.
6) Try to get all-in by the river every time you have a monster hands. Slowplaying monster hands/trying to get too fancy is a massive leak most players have.
this is the advice that i got from prabhat sir (suicidespree) and trust me, this is all that one needs ..
gl, to prateek, sahil and all others who would be grinding it hard today. go ship some $$tourneys$$.

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Harshil Dhingra

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