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Posted by Aditya Agarwal on 2012-01-18 at 12:00 AM

I guess I should start by updating on how my prop bets are going, well I lost the cash game one pretty convincingly and had to fork out 50k, even though I was granted a generous extension I just got too lazy didnt play much and then when I made the effort to go to the Casino and work on my bet and play 100-200, I ended up playing a bigger game and loosing lotsss. So that didnt go accordingly go to plan: (Unfortunately my weight gain bet is pretty much done as well, just wasn’t going to make any progress being in Goa.

I am back in Kol now and will be heading back to Goa for the 1 Lakh IPL tourny later this mnth. I would have liked to go to Nepal for the cash games but unfortunately I am stuck here till I get my passport back (had to send it to Delhi for Philippines visa). PokerGuru team will be going for APT Cebu along with other couple of regulars from the tourny circuit. The buyins are pretty low (same as the tourneys every week in Goa) and with bigger fields it should be good value, besides got to try and repeat the PokerGuru success at APT Goa. The only downside of the trip is the long flight and the tickets are kinda expensive for traveling within Asia (around 50k). From Cebu we all will be coming back to Goa for PGT Season 2, really excited about it and think we will be able to separate ourselves from the rest and offer the most to the players. We have already announced a 12 lac POY prizepool, which will be split between the top 10 finishers on the leader-board in an uniquely designed Sit N Go (players will be given chips according to their POY points, so winning the leaderboard gives you an advantage going into the 12 lac 10 person freeroll).

TCOOP starts tomorrow and I am planning to play as many events as possible. I will be on full grind schedule and will mostly be mass multi tabling, come rail me on PokerStars if you gets bored, will be starting the grind around 10 pm every night and will be playing under the screen-name- “Intervntion”, hopefully will have a WIN to blog about soon enough.

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Aditya Agarwal

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