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Variance at the PGT

Posted by Prabhat Mukherjea on 2011-12-14 at 12:00 AM

Hi everyone, I am sorry I didn’t update at all during the PokerGuru Tour, because like a fish I left my laptop charger behind in Calcutta and my lappie was out of battery after day 1. Even after the highroller I felt that I played some good poker overall, notwithstanding a couple of lapses here and there. The 5k rebuy event was a little sick because I got a very tough table with Samohh present and having Raman and Amit Gujral on my immediate left making life hell for me. After a kind of spazzy start I nonetheless accumulated a stack of around 13k after the rebuy period at the cost of Rs 30,000. If you want to win rebuy tournaments its essential to do this, and if you don’t have the Bankroll to stump up the constant rebuys and add-ons its probably best to avoid the tourney altogether. Unfortunately, there was severe lack of spots for me and I was down to 20 BB for a few hours after losing AK v K7 and I eventually went out 13th losing AQ to 66. Eventually KC managed to chop it with the foreigner Johannes who played very well throughout the series. Adi also placed fourth to sustain a nice profit despite a rebuy frenzy!!

The main Event was rather sick because I started out well but then just got card dead and kept getting re-raised any time I made a raise. Eventually I shoved K2o in the cut-off and sucked out on Adi who made an excellent call with A7. Sadly on the last hand before the break, I had 20 BB and raised KQ. A rather unpredictable and crazy player instantly re-raised me and Hussain tanked forever and called. Here I called the remaining 1800, though shoving was probably the better option. I have discussed this hand at length with the whole team and am still not sure though. The flop came K77 and I shoved when Hussain checked to me. This is an obvious mistake because it pretty almost forced my opponents to play perfectly. Abbas Ali tank-called with the one worse hand in his range KJ. Unfortunately the turn was a Jack and my main event was over.

The 10k turbo was a hilarious event, because the blinds went up super fast forcing a rather hilarious shove-fest. I dominated my table early on picking up a massive stack which sadly found its way into Adi’s hands quite quickly when he decided to run over the table in his own inimitable fashion. I won’t bore you with details and I am sure Adi will blog abt it sooner or later, but I lost a series of 60-40s and eventually went out with AQ to Adi’s AK.

Overall I am very happy with myself for not feeling worried or playing badly despite running rather bad during the PGT and I am sure if I focus on doing the right things, the results will come on their own. Last night/today morning I chopped the $3 rebuy for $3200 and I’ll cover that in a blog in a little while. Cheers!

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Prabhat Mukherjea

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