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Variance during wcoop, tilt and now regrouping and moving on

Posted by zof on 2013-10-19 at 12:00 AM

Sup I decided to make a new blog entry…

Anyway guess since I dont have any huge binks lately to talk bout :'(I ll talk mostly bout my issues on the mental side of poker…
So after having a good august playin mostly hypers… in September variance caught up with me… lol… was to be expected anyway… so I pretty much lost all the sweet profits jumpin in games with 3 supernova elites and 2 supernovas… and running tons under ev too… hah but overall i managed to breakeven in midstakes hypers pre rakeback by just jumpin in the games and going with it with like no coaching or previous experience etc… only the stuff i studied on my own… so def cant be too unhappy bout that especially considerin that the higher stakes of those games aint even beatable by the regs pre-rakeback… and after all its all bout the ev line yea? lol
Heres a graph of most of my hypers:

Anyway aside from that i decided to be baller and play a bunch of wcoops on my own dime… not selling action or whatever… that didnt go well either… Played a few nl events 109s 215s and 1 320 which was a 6max shootout and i mincashed that… and played alot of mixed game events in which i believe i had an edge over the field who was mostly ppl hunting for the coveted wcoop bracelets or the leaderbord… Anyway had some cashes there too and couple deep runs… couple bubbles too… so overall run pretty bad in those as well and def not happy with it… So wcoop was pretty much a disaster… also during that time played a few other high stakes turbo mtts on stars and dropped some $ there too but obv lol samplesize… but i was def not feelin confident playin high stakes risking alot of my own money…even if u got the $ to play… doesnt mean u feel ok bout losing it…
So all those things def affected me alot mentally and emotionally and i was on a form of tilt… then i played cash games on stars like mixed games 8game and stud games etc… and I could beat the low-midstakes in those… but took some shots at the higher stakes games from 10/20 upwards up to like the equivalent of 500nl or 1k nl… and lost a few k there of which like 2-3k was shots at high stakes cause i was very tilted and chasing losses…
After that I was very mad at myself… and instantly realized how stupid that was… and anyway in terms of buyins i didnt lose more than like 4-5 average buyins for those stakes but still throwing away money like that aint something to be proud of…

After all I decided to regroup and keep grinding the low and mistakes games Im positive im +ev in… and have a more relaxed grind overall playin like up to 50euros maybe the occasional 100euro… say 60$ buyins at most… so I dont have to sweat the swings as much…

In October despite being generally rlly lazy I still managed to start the month off good getting a few decent cashes in euro mtts… And so far im playin lower stakes hypers like 15-50$ at most doing okish in those too… I ve been degening too much in plo lately :p I ve always like had a passion for it idk i guess im too much of a gambler haha… and previously i sucked at it alot but im beginning to get abit more decent i hope… So on a positive note Octobers been quite decent so far… I ve got some real life stuff to deal with now moving to a new place etc so guess that will take up a few days but after i get settled I ll start the schedule of grinding reg speed mtts almost every day… as thats where i think the most gold is at :p

Thats it for now guess this turned out to be longer than i thought haha… moving on and grinding lower variance games making decent $ without having too much emotional stress… is the way to go I believe… so gonna try to do that and hopefully the rungood and the big binks will come eventually… gla at the tables

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