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WCOOP, miniFTOPS and the grind

Posted by Sahil Agarwal on 2013-09-13 at 12:00 AM

Yo guys… It’s the biggest online series or poker running and every1’s been grinding hard to get the gold. I have moved to calcutta for the month to grind with Intervntion and Donka, just can’t get better can it ehh!!!… Having a really good time, chilling playing and working on the game all at same time. Just a bink is missing which hopefully is arriving soon.

I am gonna be playing most of the WCOOP and miniFTOPS tourneys. So far, i have had only 1 cash in the WCOOP kickoff and had a pretty good run in the 1k Super TUesday yesterday but went down from 100k stack to bust without even being able to cash…. lost JJ to AK for half my stack and then got coolered JJ to KK against a super aggro guy at the table. I just final tabled a miniFTOPs 22 rush hyper tonight but busted 8th AK to 33… Was 7.5k UT and a miniFTOPS title :(Anyway, lot more tournies to go.

I am also planning for the DR cup in Goa, but it mostly depends on how the online grind goes… Will probably plan last minute, lets see. Other than that, i have got into a pretty nice staking deal for my online grind. so pretty happy about it.

Just gonna keep grinding and play the best i can. And hopefully the scores follow:)


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Sahil Agarwal

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