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Week 4: The Limp-Caller problem.

Posted by Vinay Suchede on 2012-06-11 at 12:00 AM

We had two good sessions with Adi again this week. I am beginning to see a lot of improvement in my thought process. Especially pre-flop and at shallower stacks (<40bb).
Post flop is still a problem area (not that pre is totally solved). We have not got there (post flop) yet as far as the program is concerned. Post flop has a lot of complexities as well. Best way to learn in my opinion would be to keep posting the hands on the forum and also giving one’s views on different posts.
Didn’t play on Saturday evening. But had a good 8 hour aft/eve session on Sunday. Played 10 micro-MTT’s. Had a deep run in the 1.1 (finish 62 nd – the only cash). Rest had decent runs in 2-3 of them. Finish just outside the money. A month back I would have atleast min-cashed. But that is not the aim anymore. Only looking at Chip-EV. No $-EV anymore. The only time I do look if we are near the bubble is to see if there are any exploitable players on the table looking for min-cashes.
The problem of tackling the limp-callers still exists. These players limp and call huge raises to peel at flops. At certain stacks it does get awkward to deal with. I have now started to jam on them or raise so much so that we have only one bet left. Will be putting that strategy into use more effectively this weekend. Let’s see how it goes. 6-max is going good. Recovering the buyins from it during the week.
Below is a small summary as usual of the tourneys I played and the pivotal losing hands. 3-4 trouble hands are posted on the forum. Do give your views. Thanks. Cheers!

[B]2.2 Turbo:[/B]
– 50/100 utg (12bb) shoves, mp1 (18bb) flats, I shove JJ (33bb) from CO, mp1 calls, utg shows TT, mp1 shows Q9o. mp1 nicks the Q.
– 50/100 at 14bb, lose AKo against QQ

[B]3.3 [/B]
– 75/150 at 26bb eff lose with KK against AQ as he clips the A
– 100/200 utg (30bb) opens 3x, I (21bb) shove KQs. Utg has AJ.

[B]Hotter 2.2[/B]
– 150/300 AJs hand in the forum.
– 250/500 get it in 12bb with A2s, called by QQ, AQ.

Ran deep in this one. Got out at 62nd place.
Couple of hands posted in the forum.
– 2k/4k, utg (50bb) limps, I (17bb) jam AQo from sb. Utg calls w 77. Lose that flip.

[B]Hotter 3.3[/B]
– Terribly played QJ hand at 25/50. Hero-called two barrels on KQx/x/K board from BB in a multi-way pot. Gave up on the river.
– 75/150, utg (12bb) limps, I (50bb) JQs make it 405, he shoves with AKo, I call.
– 100/200, co (15bb) limps, I (30bb) in BB shove with 88, he calls with A10o. Clips the A.
– 100/200, shove 12bb QJo from HJ, get called by AQo and 88.

[B]Hotter 4.4[/B]
– 75/150, mp2 (22b) limps, co (70bb) limps, I (32bb) QQ shove. mp2 calls with A8s, co folds. Clips the A.
– 75/150 jam KQ (9bb) from button on a (40bb) limper. BB(40bb) reshoves with TT. Limper also calls with A3o. Limper clips the A.

[B]4.4 8-max (1000 cap)[/B]
Ran deep in this one as well. (just outside cash though).
– Lost it at 250-500, where I 3-bet shoved (22bb) with AKo, got called by KJs(22bb) and AQo(54bb). KJ made a flush.
Was an interesting tournament. Made a couple of mistakes. But took up a couple of good spots to light 3-bet/open.

[B]1.1 6-max[/B]
Just outside cashing in this one as well. One (donk bet) hand in forum
– 300/600, open AKo (30bb) on button, sb shoves (24bb) with 55 and holds.
– Keep jamming and recover to 12bb on 350/700 where I shove with A6o and get called by 44 and lose it all.

[B]1.35 KO[/B]
– Short tourney this one. 99 runs into JJ. Then 99 runs into QQ.

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