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Week 7: Close but no Cigar.

Posted by Vinay Suchede on 2012-07-02 at 12:00 AM

The session this week was actually a nice pre-flop quiz prepared by KC with Adi overlooking the proceedings. I was quietly confident of getting them right but got one terribly wrong. The quiz branched out into some interesting side-discussion which were again very informative.

Couldn’t play poker again last week, as I had to go out of town. Sunday it was the usual tourneys that I wanted to grind. But got up real late. Missed out on the usual hotter 2.2 and a couple of others I play.

Played only 7 of them. I was going to keep registering in more as I kept busting. But started running deep in 4.4 8max (694 players) with a healthy stack. (Had one min-cash as well). So decided against firing up more and concentrate on the 4.4.

It helped actually as I was able to play hyper aggressive and took good advantage of bubble situations before money bubble, before final table bubble and also in between (which actually means I am not playing optimally when I start too many tables – more than 4 and it gets sub-optimal I think). The stack kept swinging though but think I played the middle to final stage pretty decent except the terrible heads-up match. The fancy play syndrome reared its ugly head in the form of hero-call for a 50bb-almost-even-stack hand. Started the HU match having 2 to 1 advantage which whittled down to almost even. Villain was straightforward. I didn’t adjust. Once you have decent basics, Poker is about making the right adjustments. I didn’t make the right ones. I kept winning majority of the small pots. Losing the bigger ones as he kept collecting my bullets.
The last hand I played was terri-bad. I beat myself up all night so won’t relive the agony here. Would have been really nice to get that 1st place. Pfff.

Anyway got a good roll to play the micro millions now. Will try and play as many as possible. Also will cut my 6-max to move to playing more MTT’s now. Maybe have a MTT session or two in midweek as well. Will put out a short blog if I do.

Have reviewed the Sunday session. I am getting into less trouble spots now thanks to learning’s from the program and discussions with forum posters like Prabhat, Sunny, Sushant, Bhalla, Samoh and others. The thought process thread by Samoh was fun. Hope you are lining up more such threads Sammy.
My problems still lie with hero-calling. Also think I have to start incorporating donk-bets in my game. I almost never do them though I get subjected to them and having to combat them a lot.

Looking forward to the post-flop sessions with Adi this month. Here’s to him binking a bracelet at WSOP. Good Luck!

Till next week then.

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Vinay Suchede

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