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Posted by Bobbe Suri on 2011-09-30 at 12:00 AM

Hi guys, I’m not much of a blogger but I guess I’ll take a shot at it …

It was a disastrous start for me when some retards called my 2 street 3bets on a gutshot A J on a K Q 7 flop wherein I had K 9. Ace on the river sealed the deal for me and I was crippled as the retards chopped the pot with my chips .I busted soon enough when my pocket pair didn’t hold up .I went in for a re-entry only because I wanted to get even with the retard fishes on my table, but after I paid up, I was given an entirely different seat and felt disappointed because some other guys would get the opportunity which I had spotted. However, I decided to grind for a while and in almost 2 levels, I could hardly play a hand. I called Pokerpro Jasven Saigal’s raise and hit my straight on the turn but Jasven didn’t call my river bet and saved himself from elimination. I flopped a full house with 3 3 on a 3 7 7 flop against Kavin Shah and he managed to give me half his stack but folded to my river bet.

I was then moved to table 8 and was told it was going to be the final table and Pokerpros Aditya Intervention, Samohh, KC Desi, Nitesh, Prashant and some retard from percept were there. I had built up a stack of 80k with some timely moves and also in the process ousted short stacked Samohh and KC Desi as was always lookin to target the shorties. I 3 bet Vipul’s raise of 6k to 20k with Ad Qd and he 4 bet me 60k, I sensed a lot of strength in his play and laid it down. I then got into a hand with Rajeev Kanjani wherein I called his 20k 3 bet pre flop with K Q, I bet out 25k when the Q hit the flop and was instantly put all in by Rajeev, I thought for a bit and eventually folded. I was badly dented and made some timely steals to get back to 80k again. I lost my head against the tilting percept retard as he started to make some horrible calls with 5 7o and he managed to suck out on Anjali and me. I even gave him a lot of grief n told him that “ You are a cooler sent by the management ,since they are losing money on the payouts as the guarantee did not meet the requisite amount of entries, to suck out on pros and finish in the money” I in fact even called him all in pre flop out of turn with 5 7 and he folded, and I showed him the cards just to make him feel even more worse. Whilst this was happening, the whole table perceived that I was on tilt , and that’s when I chose to make my big move. I, from the button flat called with K 10o 16k after Intervention flat called the blind, Nitesh BB checked and flop was K 10 4. Nitesh checked, Aditya checked and so did I. Turn was a blank but there were 2 flush draws on the board, Nitesh checked , Aditya checked and I baffled everyone by going All-In. Nitesh A 4 insta “hero” clled thinking I was bluffing and Aditya folded showing a K (respect) . River was a blank and I was doubled up by an aggressive Nitesh who had maintained his chiplead dominance till then, and I assumed the chiplead on the table with 13 players to go.

The next day saw me in a very aggressive frame of mind and I played earlier some Omaha hands with Gopi and had a pretty decent read about his game since he was on the adjoining table and had the tourney Chiplead. On resumption, I made a very brave fold A Q when Vipul went All In with 42k and Intervention went All In with 190k, it was too close to the bubble and I started to grumble and reluctantly folded . I then got rid of bubble boy Rajesh Goyal, who had made some tilt calls against me in previous tourneys and come up trumps, it was more than sweet revenge as I sucked out on his QQ and actually started to tell the floor guys to “Get the feeder vessel “for the shortstacked Goyal even before the flop opened.

We then enjoyed a break where I got a chance to flirt with the gorgeous Gitanjali but did not get the desired happy ending I so deserved. Back to business, I waited for the short stacked guys to self destruct whilst I would do an occasional steal to maintain my stack ,and observe the adrenalin levels of the other players ,since they were still in the pre bubble frame of mind and just mindlessly going for the “Push and Pray” strategy, in order to do some risky steals, rather than maximize their hand . This in fact continued even when 5 ppl remained and avg stack was 25+ BB.

I targeted Nitesh and Ali. I had position on the latter and he was playing a lot of scared money, he was either calling to see the flop or min raising, I made my moves and 3 bet him 3 times with Gunk and he folded every time. Eventually he busted. Nitesh was a loose cannon and was firing almost every hand, I waited for a decent hand K Q against him and we went head to head 9 10. I managed to get him there and it was a mere formality for him to get busted then on. I then focused on Gopi and Rajeev, managed to get a decent 10 10 in SB and he called my push with A 5 and I knocked him over as well after the flop showed some kindness to me. Rajeev was the next in line and ran into my 7 7 and my set on the turn finished his tenure.

Heads Up, I was 1000k to 350k leader and it was a chip up break time, I went off to collect my thoughts and decide on a strategy against Intervention, the only guy I was afraid of. We started with a couple of easy punches but the real action came when I doubled him up A 2 v/s my K 9. He hit 2 pairs on the flop and we were almost on level terms. I then min raised button with Kh 6h which Intervention called on an all-spade flop. I saw Adi do a quick spade check and we both checked the flop. No spade turned and Adi bet out 55k, I sensed weakness and min raised him 110k. He called and the river didn’t bring the dreaded spade. Adi checked and I value bet 150k , Adi thought for a whole week and then folded to my relief. I decided to add to his misery by showing him my bluff.

I then decided to be hyper agro with him and got lucky on the flop with Kh 8h against his 5 5 to win the title. I managed to win this one without hitting a single premium pair, which I feel, was amazing, since it went on for two days. Being a high stakes cash game player, I play limited tourneys , in fact I have just played my 4 th tourney this year and shipped the IPC main event as well in February (Interestingly Intervention final tabled that as well with me). This was the biggest tourney payout in Indian history,1 crore guarantee and I received a whopping 35.00 lacs (USD 80,000/-) as the first prize

I guess I’m now gonna change my career strategy and focus on traveling internationally and participate in more prestigious tourneys, I hope I do well there . I feel very good about my game and my strength lies in my reads, aggression and the ability to not tilt easily. Cheers to all and congrats to Adi, Rajeev Kanjani for their good play. I hope Adi couriers me the promised jacket soon

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Bobbe Suri

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