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Wild Card Entry

Posted by $$TtotheMFingROLL$$ on 2012-11-13 at 12:00 AM

Hey guys, I sort of got a wild card entry into the PGMP 2.0 . I Met Vinay on 2p2 very recently, and we got chatting on skype. He was very understanding when he realized how I had missed my opportunity of applying in the 2.0, and just went ahead and told Adi about it. Next thing I know, I hook upwith Adi on skype, and he accepts me into the program,
which was very considerate of him. Adi I would like to thank you for this opportunity. And Vinay for helping me get started. Some good Karma coming your way guys.

Speaking of good Karma, Dvcoolster, fellow PGMPer, had taken some Excellent notes on the first two sessions of the 2.0, and he shipped the Big 11the very same night he gave out the notes, for a 5 figure payday!! Also, Last Sunday Adi was FTing MTTs in the same fashion I was busting one after the other, and had at least 2 wins and countless deep runs including a 18th place disappointing finish in the 109 Rebuy and a 19th in the Hotter 55 and prob the most disappointing, 80th place in the Sunday Million. GG guys.

I haven’t really decided what exactly I want to do with this blog. I want it to be about more than just poker. I will def talk about the program, how it helps me personally, and show you weekly graphs etc. This is my lifetime Graph on stars :


I will also give you guys some weekly updates on how the program comes along.The Third lesson of PGMP 2.0, which was my first, was on Saturday. We mostly talked pre-flop strategies about 3-betting light, what kinda hands to do it with, what kinda opponents/stacks to target. We also talked a bit about set-mining,effective stacks needed to make set-mining profitable etc.
Also during the lesson, we were quizzed on hand ranges, which made me realize how much learning we had to do as a group. Very few people were getting the ranges spot on while most of us were miles off from what we should be doing Ideally. It Was a real eye opener and already spotted a couple of glaring leaks in my game. Finally we ended the session by talking a lil bit about shortstack shoving ranges, and Adi gave us homework (feels like am in school again :p), which was reading through this thread :


Also, recently I have been on a health trip, and want to incorporate that in this blog, as most poker players I know, lead very unhealthy lifestyles.
I have pretty much been overweight my whole life, but now have decided to do get in shape. Been gymming for the last month now, and can really feel the difference in myself, both physically and mentally. I am currently doing Cardio and weights on alternate days, and mostly looking to build back my stamina and core, before I can start with an intense weight loss program. So will keep you guys updated on how my weight goes down and how my BR goes up.
I also started meditating very recently, Its been just over a week now.Although I am very new at meditating, I started feeling its effects from the very first time I did it. Its just something, that
I think everyone should experience at least once… a day.. Its like hitting the reset button of the mind. Good for people who have issues with tilt and other emotions at the tables, trouble concentrating or just general issues in life. Right now am just using a walkthrough audio file, and follwing steps as they guide me through the process. Really easy, and very very +ev way of spending 6 minutes.Although I have been doing it for only a week now, if anyone is interested I can get them started , just PM or hit me up on skype.

I am going to purchase HEM2/PT4 (help me out with which one’s better for MTTs, heard HEM makes stars lag) sometime this week, so will post weekly graphs as well.

Happy Diwali to all, lets be safe with the crackers and try not to pollute… too much.


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