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Winning the Destiny was Destiny :)

Posted by Gokul Raj on 2019-08-26 at 5:03 PM
Gokul Raj

Hi guys, since my last blog it’s been quite a rusty and bumpy ride for me. I hadn’t won much lately, but finally, we won the Destiny this week! 🙂

After a lot of second places that include the Baazi Summit and the Destiny only two-three weeks back, it feels good to ship it finally and then to go on and win the SNG as well on Sunday was SWEET! Its been a rough time for me in MTT’s since my last blog. My MTT results have been swingy, to say the least, so this win gives me some relief and a lot of confidence.

It was Day 1A of The Game Changer on Wednesday, and probably that’s why Baazi stopped their featured event that day, so a lot of people played the Spartan Destiny, and luckily their prize pool smashed the 20 lakhs guarantee, the final figure was I think almost 24 lakhs something and there was like 7 Lakhs on top. So we got lucky and picked up that 7 Lakhs and of course even got a seat in the 1 Lakh SNG that we then won last night. Weeee 🙂

Now we won the Destiny but unfortunately couldn’t bag for Game Changer on Wednesday on Thursday. Friday was better, and we did ok to finish 27th in the end.

And talking about our run in the Destiny, I didn’t see too many regs left once we got down to the last two tables. Only Nishant Sharma and Nadeem Basha were there, and Basha final table bubbled. So only Sharma was there in the top 8 in the final table and ya, of course, we were short, I think when we went into the final table, we were bottom of the pack; I think like 6/8. Luckily I ended up winning some hands against Nishant Sharma and eventually busted him at 6th. It was a comfortable ride from there, and we closed it out pretty smoothly, and that was one huge relief. I finally enjoyed a win after a while.

We started the Sunday with high hopes, just started with the Game Changer table at 6. I didn’t start any other table, so I was only focusing on the Game Changer, trying to run deep, and trying to convert to a big score. Luckily we were running deep, and I was happy not regging in other tournaments. My Destiny SNG also started, and now I was playing only two tables, so I was fully focused. Unfortunately, we couldn’t go super deep in the Game Changer, I think I finished 27th when the play was down to the final 3 tables – we were so close yet so far. For now, waiting for the next opportunity.

Once I busted the Game Changer, I started loading all the other tables, but unfortunately, I could not keep going in my other tournament.

We started the Destiny SNG ten-handed. Of course, we all had 500 bigs, I blasted off my stack on the very first level like bluffing off and then ya we somehow ran good, and I like to believe I played play well to win the SNG.

There was the stone bubble 4-way, and only 3 players were paid in the SNG. Bothra had like a massive chip lead with 60 bigs overall, and we three guys had less than 10 bigs each. All 3 of us were keeping the short stack, and the bubble was going on for a while. It was not an easy phase because it was a 2 lakhs bubble and ya luckily we survived the bubble. Once the bubble burst, I took my spots ran good. I took out Shashank, jai bajrang bali who finished 3rd. I entered the heads-up in the chip lead and of course went on to close it!

Now my plan for the rest of this year is to grind cash and also balance with playing MTT’s and put volume. I will go to all the places for both cash and MTT’s. I will of course travel for BPT/WPT, and IPC this year. Of course, I am not traveling anywhere outside India this year, and that’s been my plan since the start of the year. I hope to play all these Indian tours and hopefully win one title for my first live title before the year-end. So yea that’s the plan for now!

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Gokul Raj

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